Enormocast 248: Kaya Lindsay – Lock the Doors and Drive Away

On episode 248 of the Enormocast, I post up in HER van to talk to Kaya Lindsay: offwidth aficionado, film-maker, van-lifer (former), and more. I know it seems like Sprinters have been jamming up the parking since the beginning of time, but Kaya was a first-wave modern #vanlife climber. Striking out from Santa Cruz, CA to Joshua Tree, Kaya had limited rock climbing skills, a limited bank account, but a capacity for boundless joy. During her 6 year run in her van, she became an accomplished trad-climber, photographer, film-maker, and internet media maven with her Onechicktravels and Girls Gone Wide brands. She also became a little jaded, but then she gathered a crew that included Brittany Goris, Mary “Tradprincess” Eden, and Mercadi Carlson and changed the way we think about women who trad-climb and women who offwidth. Though she right now has four walls in Moab, UT, her van is always ready to “lock the doors, and drive away”.