Enormocast 248: Kaya Lindsay – Lock the Doors and Drive Away

On episode 248 of the Enormocast, I post up in HER van to talk to Kaya Lindsay: offwidth aficionado, film-maker, van-lifer (former), and more. I know it seems like Sprinters have been jamming up the parking since the beginning of time, but Kaya was a first-wave modern #vanlife climber. Striking out from Santa Cruz, CA to Joshua Tree, Kaya had limited rock climbing skills, a limited bank account, but a capacity for boundless joy. During her 6 year run in her van, she became an accomplished trad-climber, photographer, film-maker, and internet media maven with her Onechicktravels and Girls Gone Wide brands. She also became a little jaded, but then she gathered a crew that included Brittany Goris, Mary “Tradprincess” Eden, and Mercadi Carlson and changed the way we think about women who trad-climb and women who offwidth. Though she right now has four walls in Moab, UT, her van is always ready to “lock the doors, and drive away”.

4 Replies to “Enormocast 248: Kaya Lindsay – Lock the Doors and Drive Away”

  1. Dude perfect. Have listened to almost all your casts. The evolution is slight but intense. Along for the ride in my of looking/thinking of the world have I been. Intense chick with attentiveness of surroundings. Ironic that her views of the climbing community lined up with what you were saying at the beginning of the cast. By and very large us climbers are flipping cool and nice and kind and care about more than just ourselves. Talk about it.

    1. Yeah. A recent post by Yosemite Park service got me riled up where they used a picture of the Facelift in Yosemite to slag off climbers. And the climbers in the comments were like, “yeah. We suck” so many times I had to say something. I’m like, “That picture shows how much we DONT suck!”

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