Episode 64: Bill Ramsey and Dan Mirsky – The Student Becomes the Master.

Bill trains between 12oz curls while a youthful Dan looks askance at those who have not known crushing failure like he has.

On Episode 64 of the Enormocast, I sit down will friends Bill Ramsey and Dan Mirsky. Bill is a climber who cut his teeth during the pre-sport days at Smith Rock, went on to develop the early hard climbing in the Red, and now tics routes at will in Vegas. Dan is an up and coming sport climber and at times, serious road dog. Together, they form the book ends of 25 years of sport climbing. Dan’s Grasshopper to Bill’s Master Po, the two met a decade ago in Rifle and formed a bond that crossed generations and inspired each other. Mentoring, trying hard, dealing with failure, climbing into old age, and more is covered in this serious climbing conversation. Strap in for deep thoughts and good laughs.

NRG Craggin’ Classic Sept 19-21.

Forks Fest Sept 27-28.

Idaho Mountain Fest Sept. 25-28