Episode 199: Old Dog, New Ticks with Kris Hampton

On Episode 199 of the Enormocast, my coach, Kris Hampton, and I talk about what its been like to try and train a crusty curmudgeon like me. Since adulting hit me hard in the last couple years and Carbondale got its first real climbing gym, I came up with a plan to actually train for real after 30 years of climbing. Kris was a bit ambivalent, but once I showed my commitment, he turned the considerable resources at Power Company Climbing toward turning me into a MACHINE. In this episode of the Enormocast, we discuss the ups and downs of coming to training from a climbing life of mostly ignoring a set physical program in lieu of “just going climbing”. Hopefully, we inspire those of you simply dabbling with your hangboard or even if you are just threatening to be a threat in the gym. And if you already train like a fiend, maybe you’ll get a good chuckle at my puny efforts.

Power Company Climbing and the New Book

Episode 159: Sam Elias – You Can’t Climb Everything.

Photos: Matt Pincus, Seth Anderson

On Episode 159 of the Enormocast, I sit down with professional climber Sam Elias in his camper parked at Rifle Mountain Park. With the creek gurgling in the background and the occasional late night drive-by, we get deep into Sam’s motivations and psyche. Once on a pro-skiing track, Sam decided to slow his life down with climbing and find himself in the Red River Gorge. Using his athleticism and knowledge of training from ski racing, Sam quickly progressed to 5.14. Then he took up ice and mixed climbing on the path to where he is today – with a short pit-stop on Mount Everest.

Sam in Lebanon

Sam Talking about Everest

Episode 61: Don McGrath and the Vertical Mind.

The two most important books in the Mobile Studio.

On Episode 61 of the Enormocast, I roll the mobile studio to the Northern Corner of the Bromuda Triangle for a sit down with author Don McGrath about his book, Vertical Mind. Along with Jeff Elison, Don wrote Vertical Mind about how to train the mind to work with the body in climbing, rather than, as it often does, turn us into whimpering, scared little weasels. Don reveals that even in a simple day at Rifle, I had exhibited embarrassingly little will over my own mind and am in need of some serious reprogramming. So come along for this ride into your inner space, and maybe find some tricks for taming those fears that you didn’t even know you had.

Vertical Mind the book.

Don’s Training Blog: Master Rock Climber

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