Episode 68: Becca Skinner- Living the Legacy.

Photo: Becca Skinner

On Episode 68 of the Enormocast, I pull out one from a few months ago in Lander. Photographer and climber Becca Skinner sits down in the Mobile Studio for a deep talk. Becca fills us in on growing up in a climbing family, losing her beloved Uncle, Todd Skinner, and taking a step back from the pressure to climb. In the meantime, she finds a new way to honor the legacy of her famous uncle by adventuring with her camera in tow. Finally, we discuss her photography projects returning to the disasters in New Orleans with Katrina and the tsunami in Indonesia.

Becca Skinner Photography

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Episode 41: Paul Piana, Rock Climbing Legend.

A younger, steely-eyed Piana

On Episode 41, I have the distinct pleasure and honor to sit down with one of my heroes, Paul Piana. Paul spent the 80s and 90s defining big free climbing along with his intrepid partner, Todd Skinner. These cowboys shirked tradition and set new standards for big rock climbs all over the continent, hemisphere, and world. Paul talks about his upbringing as the descendent of immigrants, his Wyoming roots, and his storied relationship with one of the all time greats, Todd Skinner. Above all, Paul proved himself to be the steadiest of partners from start to finish.