Episode 68: Becca Skinner- Living the Legacy.

Photo: Becca Skinner

On Episode 68 of the Enormocast, I pull out one from a few months ago in Lander. Photographer and climber Becca Skinner sits down in the Mobile Studio for a deep talk. Becca fills us in on growing up in a climbing family, losing her beloved Uncle, Todd Skinner, and taking a step back from the pressure to climb. In the meantime, she finds a new way to honor the legacy of her famous uncle by adventuring with her camera in tow. Finally, we discuss her photography projects returning to the disasters in New Orleans with Katrina and the tsunami in Indonesia.

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2 Replies to “Episode 68: Becca Skinner- Living the Legacy.”

  1. Hey Chris, I have been waiting for an opportunity to write you and your new episode #68 was just enough to push me over the edge. About 14 months ago I decided to launch a web site for a hair brained idea to climb 50 inspiring lines before I turn 50 years old. The project is pretty simple and my web site spells it out completely (www.climb50x50.com) but my hope is to inspire others to get outside and live their adventures and not sit on the couch and waste their time away. Several other individuals inspired me to publish this goal to the world, and you were one of them, closely followed by the Smiley’s goal to climb the 50 classics. One of the planned climbs was to establish a first ascent in the Cloud Peak Wilderness, Wyoming, this past summer in honor of Todd Skinner and Paul Piana. And in doing so, I was awarded the American Alpine Live Your Dream Grant to put up the FA. As I was traveling with my wife and son through Lander this summer, just before I was to meet up with my climbing partner to put up the new route, I had a chance meeting with Amy Skinner and her daughters at Wild Iris. I told Amy where I was headed and what we planned to do to honor Todd, and she was deeply moved by our planned ascent. Call it coincidence, but it seemed more like Universe was working in some strange way, trying to tell me something more. We successfully put up a new line on a remote peak and amazing wall that we aptly named – Wild Wild West IV, 5.11+ (7 pitches). It was a rad experience and the stories continue as they will all soon be updated on the site. I listen to your podcast all the time, and rarely is there one that I don’t like. Although I must be honest and admit that I don’t care much for ice climbing:) When I started my the 50×50 proj, I thought it would be a good everyman/everywoman story and inspiration to others, but I didn’t think it would ever get much attention. Surprisingly, I have received overwhelming support from the climbing community, acquired some sponsorship, and am presenting an event this winter to showcase the 2014 season of successful summits. It has allowed me to share my passion for writing, and photography with other climbers and I am constantly amazed by how it has transformed my life. So keep up the good work and the inspiration! I hope I get the chance to meet you in person, so we can have one of those awkward exchanges you talk about on you show! In adventure, Climber Dan

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