Enormocast 264: Alita Contreras – The Language of Climbing

On Episode 264 of the Enormocast, I connect with Alita Contreras – a Venezuelan/Colombian climber beaming in from…Georgia. Alita was born in Venezuela to a Colombian father who taught his child to love the traditions and legends of Colombia. At University while studying languages, Alita found climbing, and soon, she was pining to leave her rainy and relatively rockless home for destinations worldwide. Stints in Germany and Canada introduced her to the world of climbing coaching and she brought her own ideas of that craft to Colombia where she became a top competitor and then a top outdoor climber and now a coach. Alita is primed to take a job coaching girls in the States and about to finish a film, Guerreras, about the climbing women of Colombia.

Enormocast 231: Gowri Varanashi – Bringing It All Back Home

On Episode 231 of the Enormocast, I connect to the other side of the world with Indian climber, Gowri Varanashi. Gowri learned to climb in the US but fell in love with climbing in her home country of India. Immediately, she felt the need to bring more women into the small, male-dominated climbing community in India. Her efforts at CLAW (Climb Like a Woman) have not only introduced women to the nascent Indian climbing world, but also broken down barriers against women’s participation in outdoor pursuits in general. Now one of the top climbers in India herself, her pioneering efforts mean to transform her world for the better.

Enormocast 213: Chelsea Murn – Free Your Mind.

On Episode 213, I sit down through a computer screen with Chelsea Murn of Lady Beta Coaching. Chelsea’s coaching business caters exclusively to women and women’s climbing performance. Chelsea brings a deep holistic approach to her craft. On this episode, we talk about how impediments to climbing performance can be deep seeded in the emotional and mental health of the participant. We also tread into that landmine laden world of gender differences. But in the end, its an examination of how we all approach climbing and climbing performance for better and worse.