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  1. Thanks Chris for firing the stoke. Keep it real, you are building a brilliant Oral History of this community.
    Cheers from oz

  2. Keep on going and keep taping the old world for guests! Loving to hear those voices from all over the world, even from Switzerland!!!!

      1. I appreciate your positive energy and general stoke for life and climbing! I always feel refreshed and excited for climbing after listening to you (and Andrew too, @runout). Keep up the good work!

  3. Have thoroughly enjoyed the content from the”Royal We” at the Enormocast.

    In all honesty, THANK YOU! Thank you for all of the work you have out into this over the years. I’d buy you a few beers is we ever met in person so hopefully with the donation you can just buy yourself some.

    The show never ceases to give me a laugh and keep me psyched. Has to be some of the best advertisements around.


  4. Last week I was descending from a solo ascent of Mt. Shuksan’s Fisher Chimneys and began playing episode 200 with Tim O’Neill. Perfectly timed as the episode ended as I reached the trailhead. “What’s in you is stronger than what’s in your way…Through crisis comes an opportunity to redefine, to reinvigorate, to reenvision… Life is a very powerful and meaningful exchange between people…without people, why are we doing it? Why are we here?…” Mind blowing deep interview. Seriously Chris, well done.

    Prior to that, George Lowe interview…holy shit…his tick list that you rattled off in the into…next level. And then two episodes dedicated to MarkTwight. Damn. I listened to both twice and will go back for more. You should be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Chris,
    I have been enjoying The Enormocast from the second I heard Anderl Meyer checking the ropes for Dr Hemlock. Your interviews are always well researched, informative, and most importantly funny. Each week I find myself looking forward to hearing the stories and life experiences of your guests, spanning from many of my personal heroes to the next generation of climbers. What a valuable contribution to the climbing community.

    I look forward to future interviews! Thank you!

    1. Thanks! You Flatter, and the part about “research” made me blush a little because I think I’m notoriously un-researched. However, I think the strength is that I’ve been paying attention to climbing and reflecting on it for 30 years. So in a way, that’s the “research” that lends weight to the show.

  6. Thanks for getting me through the worst days at work and the most gruelling runs as well as the best days driving to the crag. Thanks for keeping me going and full of psyche and laughter

  7. Thanks for the quality content Chris! As a Montana climber turned east coast climber, sometimes it feel like there isn’t a lot out here. The one refuge for me and my friends has been the New River Gorge. The history of this place isn’t too widely discussed, but there was a lot of hard routes put up in the early days of sport climbing, Doug Reed comes to mind. Anyways, would love if you could dig into the history of this place, that imo has some of the most aesthetic single pitch trad and sport routes (not to mention DWS) in the country.

  8. I finally remembered to catch up on my contribution toward this mainstay of the contemporary climbing culture. Many have said it before (including you) but it is worth saying again, the Enormocast provides such an important role of documenting and archiving this sub-culture that we are all a part of. All of the interviews are important, and some are just downright necessary. Jim Donini, Mark Twight, Hayden Kennedy, Peter Croft, Lynn Hill… the list goes on. Anyhow, thanks Chris for always keeping it entrenched in the nuances of what it means to be a climber!

  9. Just started listening this year so I’m on a massive enormobinge.. Mark Twight Part One is just about the best discussion I’ve ever heard in a podcast of any kind (esp the last 10 min or so). Barry Blanchard next?? Tell Barry I said “pretty please.?” I’m sure that will do it.

      1. Chris,
        I think you’re one of the better interviewers I’ve heard. You so often ask just the right question, and, amazingly, the show seems as fresh and genuine as when you first started almost eight years ago. As I’m sure you’ve heard from many others, “The James Lucas Sessions” are solid gold, and I loved the Jordan Cannon/Mark Hudon podcast. It would be great to check in with those guys again, even if Mark is not successful on the Freerider. It’s just such a great story. It would be great to get the Wide Boyz on some time, and Dave Graham (he’s a real character). Keep up the great work.

  10. Sending stickers all the way to Australia with asking for postage! Well that deserves a contribution at the very least. When Timmy O Neill coming on the show? Or has he been already, have a fond memory of a very loose week at Mt Arapilies with him years back thanks for all the magic Chris!

    1. Timmy and I are always trying to get one done. I have a running joke that my hard drive doesnt have enough space for a convo with him. We’ll get it done eventually.

  11. Hey Chris,

    Your latest interview of Bron and Jacob was awesome and very funny. Great interview! And, it reminded me that your wonderful work here and on The Runout deserved another contribution…

    Thank you for your continuing dedication in the face of your many responsibilities!



  12. Been awhile since I threw down some cash to support the show so it was time to pony up! Thanks again, the show is great. Keeps me stoked on climbing and I love that you are preserving climbing history. We aren’t going to be around forever, so thank you especially for that!

  13. I’ve listened to damn near all these meow. Started listening while in college and can finally afford to donate! I may have felt guilty for listening for well over 100 hours for free. Thank you, love the show, keep on keepin on

  14. You’re the best, man! You are truly the spirit animal of climbing: funny, brash, intelligent, slightly offensive, and full of stoke! I feel like i get a little less shitty at climbing every time I listen to the Enormocast.

  15. For the past year I’ve been driving 30+ minutes just to get to the climbing gym; this podcast has definitely helped me stay psyched!
    Some interview requests: Dave Bingham (Idaho climber, guidebook author), Gene/Maura Kistler (NRG rockstars), Pat Goodman (climber/alpinist). Keep up the good work!

  16. Just finished my 100th Enormocast episode so I figured that deserved some of my appreciation.
    Thanks for the great content Chris.

    Looking forward to my 200th.

  17. Chris! I’ve been traveling the country promoting my steeze FNGRJAM and listening to more than my fair share of the enormocast. Per your suggestion I’m taking a break so I don’t get *more tired of your voice (JK). Thanks for the laughs and stories.

  18. Hey Chris just want to thank you for the great podcasts you are putting out. Also, I want to give a shout out for your help in developing The Wall in the Creek. Just got back from there yesterday and wowwee what a wall.


  19. Hey Chris. I dropped some coins in the offering basket. Thanks again for the inspiring content. My daughter (11 yrs) is absolutely stoked on climbing and listens to your podcast constantly (and the Totally Deep podcast as well, though the F-bombs make her giggle, a-lot). Can you throw a few stickers our way?

  20. Chris there aren’t enough good things I could say about your podcast. You’re the best. In Canadian bucks I’m caught up in the buck-per-episode donation formula. Hopefully, I can help to keep you from “selling out”.

    1. To Chris and Steve,

      I was introduced to climbing by Steve, who is a long term volunteer for the Alpine Club of Canada-Montreal Section and he also introduced me to The enormocast, so I owe him thanks on two fronts. It is a great podcast, and I promote it everytime I lead an outing for our club!

      Many thansk Paul Robitaille

  21. Kalous!
    Just listened to Bullwinkle’s part 2, one of my favorites. Thanks for getting that done and your podcast’s contribution to the climbing community.

  22. Chris,
    Thanks so much for putting this thing out. Been listening since episode 4 and have been psyched on every single one of em. Yup, even your episode! 🙂 There’s a lot more to take away from these things than just the frothy spray.

    And as a side note, an interview with Darrell Hensel or Johnny Woodward would definitely be awesome.

    Thanks again!

  23. Thanks for the podcast–you make road time go fast, and it’s a great documentation of climbing culture. Plus, it’s fun to listen to! All the work you do to make it happen is very appreciated!

  24. Thanks Chris!

    The Enormocast is often what gets me through “the long approach to nowhere” on the days my dog insists that’s more appealing than heading to the crag. Thanks for keeping us learning and dreaming!

  25. Got into climbing two years ago at 28. Has been a game changer and this podcast is perfect for keeping the stoke high. My go every weekend for roadtrips. Craig Demartino episode was powerful. HK was amazing. So many other epic ones. Thanks for the general hilarity and thought provoking questions. Keep it up!!

  26. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for an awesome podcast. Your love for climbing comes through in every podcast!! I also appreciate you not being afraid of darker subjects, such as depression, which is something I unfortunately have first-hand experience of. During a few dark months Enormocast was one of the few rays of lights for me. Thanks Chris!! I hope to meet you some day and shake your hand and buy you a beer or many. Keep it up!
    Cheers, Fredrik

  27. Had to chip in for the following moments:

    Will Stanhope stealing breakfasts from Bishop area motels

    Peter Croft soloing on his knees

    The belay specs ad (had me in stitches, haha)

    Hayden Kennedy carrying the torch of bold, meaningful style of climbing

    And many more. Thanks so much for putting a great show together. I especially appreciate that you take time to ask climbers about how they got started, and how they fit climbing into a well-rounded lifestyle. The show’s tagline is on the money!

  28. Just found the Enormocast this month and started at the very beginning: it’s a really cool way to get better acquainted with the history and culture of this sport that consumed my life a year ago. Anyway, you mentioned something in an early episode about how 10c adds up and that seemed like a cool way to look at it to me, so I’m pitching in 10c for every epsiode that’s out so far (rounded up). So I hope that helps at least a little, and thanks for the listening.

    P.S. Do you still do stickers?

  29. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for putting in all the hard work on the show! There’s a small but dedicated group of climbers in Chicago and listening to your podcast helped keep us stoked on our horrendous 8 hour drives to the Red. I now live in Colorado and it’s a dream to climb at places like Eldo after work.

    Just wanted to show some appreciation from all the FIBs (fucking illinois bastards) coming into the state 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  30. Per my previous promise every 50 episodes I send in my appreciation money! I’ve managed to work past the be-layer problem I mentioned last time and am about to head off to my first lead climbing class in a few minutes 🙂

    They put up this new climbing gym in Baton Rouge, Uptown Climbing which is legit as far as I’m concerned. So couple that with this pod cast and everything is falling right into place.

    I really should go back and give you a one or two line response to each episode. This has prolly already been done before so maybe I will wait to episode 100. I’m really glad you did that 50th on yourself. Kind of fills in a lot gaps.

  31. You have a great podcast (and this is the only one I listen to so there may be better ones out there) but I get your sense of humor and really enjoy listening to beast climbers perspective on “things”.

    Long story short, while I may still be scared to let go of the climbing gym wall and let my belayer lower me ever so slowly down the 20 feet, there is mucho content for any level with this pod cast 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. My idea is to make those “beasts” relatable, even if it means me taking the piss out of them once in a while. Good luck with that lowering thing!

  32. Hope you wont use the money on anything usefull! And make work of getting Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll on the show. Would be nice to see some more Euros on the show!
    Spreading the word in Norway!

  33. You provide a priceless service. Whenever I’m trudging around in the sun for work or on a long car ride you can bet I’m bumping the Enormocast. Just ordered my girlfriend some belay specs for her birthday. Thanks for everything, and keep those episodes coming!

  34. Kalous,

    Sorry I’ve been dragging my feet with kicking in. I love this thing, and I hope it keeps going. The show is great, and I eagerly await each new episode. Your next bloody at the Barn is on me.


    1. Thanks for the $, of course, but you donated your time to a show already and that was the best support I can get. I think I might make it down there later this summer, and after climbing in the mdiwest summer heat, I will need that bloody!

  35. I decided to use the Brendon Leonard method and kicked in $.50/episode. Thanks for the awesome content my man. Drink up and enjoy, Cheers!

  36. Happy Birthday, Enormocast. 5 years old today! Glad you are thru those ‘terrible twos’ and all that. Now all potty trained and wearing your big boy pants. Good job.

    This donation also goes out to Episode 118 – damn glad to have Conrad home safe and sound. Now go crack open a cold PBR and enjoy some birthday cake. Happy Holidays.

  37. Chris, love the podcast. Just so you know how grateful (and broke) I am, I’m donating in the same year in which I married off both my daughters, 3 months apart. There was a significant chunk of the year where I couldn’t make it to the mountains due to family events, and the Enormocast kept me looking forward to next year. Thanks!

  38. Hey Chris,

    My brother got me onto the Enormocast about six months ago with the Peter Croft episode. Since then I’ve been working my through your back catalogue and telling everyone in my circle of climbing friends here in Tasmania to check out the podcast.

    I have no idea how you could make it happen, but it would awesome to hear from some Australian climbers. You probably saw Mike Law’s name in the guidebook for every crag in Australia when you were here years ago, especially in the Blue Mountains and Arapiles. He’s got lots of hilarious stories from the golden age of climbing in Australia in the 70’s. Greg Child is another one that would be cool to hear from, and I think he’s still living in the US, maybe even in Colorado? Some others that would be really interesting are Andrew Lock (kickass high-altitude alpinist), Ben and Lee Cossey, Andrea Hah (2nd female ascent of Punks in the Gym), Simon Carter (famous for his photography rather than his climbing), Monique Forestier, Jarmilla Tyrill. You’ve got nothing better to do than cyber-stalk these people and find out if they’re planning to come to your part of the world right?

    Anyway keep up the great work. I thought I should make a small contribution to pay you back for all the entertainment. It gets me through the boring days in the lab and helps to maintain the motivation to save money and get my shit together for another trip to Yosemite next year, where I’ll hopefully get slightly less spanked off the walls than I did last time.

    1. I am always on the lookout for traveling Australians. My face to face rule is a pain in the ass, but I think its important to maintain. IF you ever get wind of Australian luminaries turning up here in the States, let me now.

      And yes, I need to lock in Greg Child.

      I’d love to have Mike Law on some day, too.

  39. ok, now I feel better, giving just a little bit every month! Appreciate your contribution to the climbing community Chris.

    btw, Conrad said he’d come on. He said, “just have Chris give me a call…” (I did put him on the spot by asking him in front of a couple hundred people.) hehe

  40. Frigging love that shit. No 100 was excellent. Again. Good news is, with enormobaby now keeping you up at night, there’s even more time to churning out those episodes… Yeeha!

  41. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for making my commute to every two weeks enjoyable. I look forward to every episode. Congrats on 100 and the enormo-baby. I’m going to the Creek for my first time, next week. What route would you recommend for a climber in the 10/11 grade? Anyways, thank you for your hard work and enjoy the beer.
    -Rich Welker

    1. All of them. Seriously. Nearly any route in the Creek, if it was somewhere else, would be the 5 star classic. Hope you did Supercrack, though, just so you can say you did.

  42. I spotted my climbing buddy a dinner. He paid me back with paypal? It’s easier to put the money in your bank account than mine.

    Congrats on all the things!

  43. Hey Chris,

    I saw Mr Schulze was the first donor (God, that word sounds so morbid) from Germany. Here is one more from near the Bavarian Alps in Munich. But since I am Indian, might be the first from thereabouts?

    Caught the climbing bug when i trekked up to 11000 ft on the Kanchenjunga at 11, that’s my Enormodome i guess. Love the podcast, especially the Armando Monecal and Colin Haley episodes were so insightful…keep up the AWESOME work brother! It gets me through the 9-5 grind, haha. Six more years “working for the man and training” until 30 and the van life. Can’t wait for it…
    …but we shall continue with style!

  44. Chris,

    Congrats on episode 100 and the enourmobaby. Here’s to 100 more episodes (episodes not babies) haha

    Enjoyed all your podcasts. I’ve enjoyed all the interviews and noted your style and rapport has definitely improved over the last few years. Your dry wit cracks me up, especially on the ads you do for bd, the belay glasses and laspotiva. You should write ad copy for Geico or better yet some microbrew or something cool.

    Climb on and check your knot!

  45. Hey Kalous,

    Thanks for the entertainment for my soul. I always make the time to catch up with ya, I think I’ve listened to every episode.

  46. Hi Chris,
    dig the podcasts. Keep rocking them out!
    Hey, how good are you skills/connections in talking to someone about making the Canadian/US dollar currency exchange some what better? My Canadian dollar donation has been robbed of its true-ness!
    With stoke from Pemberton BC.