The Cleanest Line: Texas Tower Soul Crush

Descending into the abyss

My old friend Jonathan Thesenga writes a “scream-of-consciousness” account of our ascent of Texas Tower in Southeast Utah. Good pics, too. I wish I had audio of me rubbing my feet and whining on that ledge after digging through the “snow mushroom”!

The Cleanest Line: Texas Tower Soul Crush


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2 Responses to The Cleanest Line: Texas Tower Soul Crush

  1. Jason Halladay says:

    Wow, EPIC! As if climbing the 5.11+ OW isn’t bad enough, the descent had to smack you guys around. Kudos for pulling off that adventure.

    • Chris Kalous says:

      Our own summit mushroom. “Climbing” would not be the first word I’d go to for how we got up that OW! 5.10 C1 means “any way I can” and it still kicked my ass! The few folks out there who have freed that thing deserve RESPECT!

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