Episode 22: Climb hard and walk tall with Andrew Bisharat.

Charlie Moore’s been trying real hard!

On Episode 22, Andrew Bisharat and I discuss why hard climbing is so important to everyone. We hit on grades, appropriate hero worship, why Americans are the lifestyle climbers of the world, and how Ecstasy, sex, and climbing go together . Also, unbeknownst to him, we decide that Chris Sharma is the world’s saddest climber. Come along for this philosophical climb up that overhanging tufa route that you’ve been dreaming about.



Episode 21: James Lucas- His finger in all the pies.

Fruit # 1. James’ entry in the Mountain Fair Pie Baking Contest.

On Episode 21, James Lucas and I take a break from smoozing the Trade Show ladies to sit down for a chat. James dishes on his pie baking bombs and bad breaks, his career as perhaps the world’s only living redpoint soloist, his upcoming book about the Stone Monkey era in Yosemite, and how try as he might, he just can’t get the French out of the FreeRider. Bad to the bone, but also smooth as fine Cognac, James Lucas is an original.

My Dancing Shoes: James shows us how its done (alone in a hoodie apparently).

James’ Blog: Life of a Walking Monkey





Episode 20: Listener Mail Volume 1

On Episode 20, return co-hosts BJ Sbarra and Steve Denny return to tackle listener mail. Among other fascinating tangents, we address passing slower parties, climbing addiction, daisy chains (again), why the post office blows, how to approach gumbies, and much much more. Also, my favorite email of all time (so far). Thrilling and spontaneous, Episode 20 is a blatant attempt to get more listener mail.