Episode 172: Mark Twight – Still Coming Down Part 2.

MFT on Nanga Parbat by Barry Blanchard, MFT by Nikki Smith, MFT on gravel by Dan Krauss

On Episode 172 of the Enormocast, we continue to part 2 of a conversation with Alpinist Mark Twight. The Royal We highly recommends that one has a listen to Part 1 first, but this second half does stand on its own especially if you’re already familiar with Mark’s exploits in Chamonix and on Nanga Parbat. On this installment, Mark switches to tales from Alaska, and then we go deep into what makes Mark tick, his thoughts on his legacy, and what its like to lose so many friends to the savage arena on the mountains.

Episode 171: Mark Twight – Still Coming Down Part 1.

Nonprophet.media and Mark’s New Book: REFUGE.

Kiss or Kill: Confessions of a Serial Climber.


7 Replies to “Episode 172: Mark Twight – Still Coming Down Part 2.”

  1. Against the backdrop of what just happened up in the Canadian Rockies and losing three amazing humans and climbers; Mark’s words about risk, losing friends and climbing partners is all the more poignant.

    This was a heavy one…

  2. Fucking great episode(s). I haven’t listened to all of em’ but have listened to many. This is one of the best. The guys been through a ton and has real things to say. Thanks for letting this one buck and not chopping it down. Keep up the strong work to get the stories out there! Thank you!

  3. I just happened to search for “Mark Twight 2019” and this came up. I feel like it’s an incredible coincidence to have found it the morning after it was published. The last few minutes… I needed to hear that. Incredible. The message is as universal as Mark hopes.

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