Episode 171: Mark Twight – Still Coming Down Part 1.

L: MFT signing REFUGE (Trevor Thompson). M: MFT on Mt Hunter (Scott Backes). R: Kiss or Kill Cover (Brooks Freehill).

On Episode 171, I sit down in the Dissect Podcast studio with former alpinist, Mark Twight, for part 1 of our talk from February 2019. Though Mark gave up extreme alpinism around 2000, his attitude, outlook, and philosophy are still that of a climber. In this EPIC late night and whiskey-fueled interview, Mark recounts a career in the mountains that happened two decades ago, but is still reverberating in his own psyche and with young alpinists today. Like a drug addict or a rock star, Twight battled with the prospect of coming down from those heights to the trivia and monotony of the valley. Nearly 20 years out from his last great climb and after many other incredible accomplishments, Mark only recently has found some peace without climbing.

Nonprophet.media and Mark’s New Book: REFUGE.

Kiss or Kill: Confessions of a Serial Climber.

Episode 172: Mark Twight – Still Coming Down Part 2

18 Replies to “Episode 171: Mark Twight – Still Coming Down Part 1.”

  1. So loved the MT sessions – both in your top 5 for me. Years ago, I remember how startled I was by Kiss or Kill; it still resonates today.
    Way to nail the content in the interview.

  2. Fantastic! The most Enormocast-y of them all. Kalous, your amateur psychologist thing is getting pretty honed… The “knife in the heart” segment is all time.

    Intense! I was more riveted/gripped listening in than I was watching Free Solo.

      1. We’re not oldies, we’re “the olds”. And yes, like in the rest of our cultural and political systems, we are in the way. Better to go gently into that good night, and let the young rage against the dying of the light.

  3. What was the name of book you read in front of a class? My French spelling clearly isn’t up to snuff.

    1. Mark made me care about words and punctuation. So miss his alpine articles while living in jasper Alberta Canada climbing and drinking
      Coffee.I still listen to joy division

      John green
      Canmore Alberta

  4. 20 minutes in and loving it. I’ve genuinely laughed out loud a half a dozen times already. My first thought: If Henry Rollins were an alpinist, he would be Mark Twight.

    1. Incremental Adaptation!!!!
      Every moment in this interview was a time warp for me.
      I lived and trained by these words in the 80-90’s articles and then the books. The feelings and inspiration still seems so fresh to listen. And, being punk is a personality trait; it falls me to not try. Thank you for being bushido but not selfish (ultimately for family). Respect.
      Thank you.

  5. Finally! Been waiting for this one for years, and since seeing it on twights Vero page

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