Episode 171: Mark Twight – Still Coming Down Part 1.

L: MFT signing REFUGE (Trevor Thompson). M: MFT on Mt Hunter (Scott Backes). R: Kiss or Kill Cover (Brooks Freehill).

On Episode 171, I sit down in the Dissect Podcast studio with former alpinist, Mark Twight, for part 1 of our talk from February 2019. Though Mark gave up extreme alpinism around 2000, his attitude, outlook, and philosophy are still that of a climber. In this EPIC late night and whiskey-fueled interview, Mark recounts a career in the mountains that happened two decades ago, but is still reverberating in his own psyche and with young alpinists today. Like a drug addict or a rock star, Twight battled with the prospect of coming down from those heights to the trivia and monotony of the valley. Nearly 20 years out from his last great climb and after many other incredible accomplishments, Mark only recently has found some peace without climbing.

Nonprophet.media and Mark’s New Book: REFUGE.

Kiss or Kill: Confessions of a Serial Climber.

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