Episode 78- Sonnie Trotter- Nicer Than You Are.

Sonnie and his little man , Tatum.

On Episode 78 of the Enormocast, I send some love north to America’s Hat with an interview with Canadian Superstar, Sonnie Trotter. Sonnie sits down in a van by a lake in Siurana, Spain to talk about his origins, his inspirations, and his journey through most of the disciplines that climbing has to offer. Living up to the Canadian reputation for being swell, Sonnie gets rather embarrassed when I point out that he is now an inspiration for a generation of Canuck climbers. This is actually Sonnie’s second appearance on the cast, and we’re glad to have him back.


A Bouldering Honeymoon.

Episode 35: Jen Olson- Lucky Number 7.

Jen Olson getting cold.

On Episode 35 of the Enormocast, I lure Canadian climber Jen Olson to my closet with promises of glory. After giving her the tour of two thirds of the Bromuda Triangle (Rifle, Black Canyon, but not Indian Creek), Jen finally agreed to get on the mic and fill us in on how she ended up becoming such an accomplished alpinist. Jen tells us how she didn’t need no stinkin’ boyfriend to show her the ropes, and how she became the 7th Canadian woman to receive her international guiding certification, and managed to climb a little ice and rock in between. Jen Olson: as Canadian as Roller Skates and Duct tape.

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