Episode 35: Jen Olson- Lucky Number 7.

Jen Olson getting cold.

On Episode 35 of the Enormocast, I lure Canadian climber Jen Olson to my closet with promises of glory. After giving her the tour of two thirds of the Bromuda Triangle (Rifle, Black Canyon, but not Indian Creek), Jen finally agreed to get on the mic and fill us in on how she ended up becoming such an accomplished alpinist. Jen tells us how she didn’t need no stinkin’ boyfriend to show her the ropes, and how she became the 7th Canadian woman to receive her international guiding certification, and managed to climb a little ice and rock in between. Jen Olson: as Canadian as Roller Skates and Duct tape.

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2 Replies to “Episode 35: Jen Olson- Lucky Number 7.”

  1. Chris! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these podcasts.

    I’m new to climbing (about 8 months) and am currently top roping at a 5.10d-5.11a level. I also have been doing yoga for about 3-4 years and realized quickly how the two go hand-in-hand.

    I’ve become pretty immersed in climbing and try to go 3-4x a week. I live in Chicago and climb at a relatively new gym named First Ascent.

    I listen to your podcast every single day (I’m an interior office designer), and it’s a great escape from the monotony of office life. In the morning I put on my headphones, grab a cup of coffee, and listen to your podcast while working on layouts. I have already learned so much about the climbing community from your podcasts alone. Good to tune out all the mindless office banter, too.

    Going to climb outside for the first time ever in June in Estes Park in Colorado! Super excited to have a private 8 hour guide to show me all about the beauty of outdoor climbing.

    Thanks for all of the female climber interviews- it’s great to have so many inspirational ladies to get tips from.

    I check my knot every damn time.

    Keep it real!

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