Enormocast 275: Anna Liina Laitinen – Born to Kiivetä

Photos: Jan Novak, Sami Laitinen, Jan Novak

On Episode 275 of the Enormocast, I sit down face to face with Finnish climber Anna Laitenin. After a youth in gymnastics, Anna found climbing and then almost accidentally found herself one of the best climbers in Finland. A life of competitions and pursuing hard climbs at home and beyond followed, as did becoming a professional climber. But it hasn’t been a free ride for Anna. A discouraging and relentless string of injuries ensued, and Anna had to learn to let go of expectations from others and even from her own mind. Now the former Finnish wunderkind loves climbing even more than the day she started, though a career in competitive boot throwing is not out of the question.

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Episode 63: Dr. Jared Vagy- The Climbing Doctor is in.

cover-photoOn Episode 63 of the Enormocast, I sit down in the Mobile Studio (this time, actually mobilized to Lander, WY) for some SCIENCE! Dr. Jared Vagy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an orthopedic specialist with a whole bunch of other letters after his name, and he has studied climbing injury prevention like nobody before him. Dr. Vagy’s mission in life is to put surgeons out of business by preventing injury before it occurs, or helping you rehab and go the alternative route to ease the pain without the knife. From dirtbag to pro, we all have trouble taking the time to warmup, stretch, and do strength-training off the wall, so Jared has put together the simplest methods possible to keep us out of injury depression: 5 minutes and a rubber band is all it takes. Listen and stop the pain!

Check out the Good Doctor at theclimbingdoctor.com and buy his book.