Episode 63: Dr. Jared Vagy- The Climbing Doctor is in.

cover-photoOn Episode 63 of the Enormocast, I sit down in the Mobile Studio (this time, actually mobilized to Lander, WY) for some SCIENCE! Dr. Jared Vagy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an orthopedic specialist with a whole bunch of other letters after his name, and he has studied climbing injury prevention like nobody before him. Dr. Vagy’s mission in life is to put surgeons out of business by preventing injury before it occurs, or helping you rehab and go the alternative route to ease the pain without the knife. From dirtbag to pro, we all have trouble taking the time to warmup, stretch, and do strength-training off the wall, so Jared has put together the simplest methods possible to keep us out of injury depression: 5 minutes and a rubber band is all it takes. Listen and stop the pain!

Check out the Good Doctor at theclimbingdoctor.com and buy his book.



9 Replies to “Episode 63: Dr. Jared Vagy- The Climbing Doctor is in.”

  1. Good on ya for being honest, but maybe don’t gamble with the donations… C’mon bud. If we wanted to gamble with the money we’d do it ourselves!

    1. Well, since the donation money generally stays in my Paypal account, or in my meager business account, that was a joke.

      I can’t think of a time that I ever directly liquidated donation money into cash.

      But frankly, since I pour time and effort into this thing every two weeks, and the money it makes comes up way short of what that time is worth if I was working anywhere else producing audio content, if I do feel like “paying” myself something out of that account for 1000s of hours of highly skilled labor, and then spending the money on hookers, blow, cockfighting, porno or anything else, I will.

      But don’t worry, I’m not rolling into Vegas with the donations and screaming “let it ride on black, gov’na!” and I’m not getting rich off the Enormocast.

      But I also don’t want to do this completely for free, because then I’m just a chump.

      1. It is yours, we (I) give it to support the awesome thing you are doing…I would be happy to know that my donations went to something that made you happy…”gambling…spending the money on hookers, blow, cockfighting, porno or anything else.”

        A happy Chris is the Chris that keeps making this show better and better.

        Keep up the amazing work.


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