Episode 53: Josh Wharton- Too good to flail.

JW just before the shit started to slowly drip onto the fan on the Ogre. Photo: Hayden Kennedy

On Episode 53 of the Enormocast, Josh Wharton and I grow drowsy in an uncomfortably warm conference room at the George Something-or-other library in Boulder. Josh shares the highs and lows of his upbringing, talks about his scariest moment in a life of scary moments, and admits that he cried through his first climbing expedition. JW is hot off his latest send: a new baby girl, and though he thinks he’s clipped the chains on that one, for a guy who seems to always have a plan, between you an me, I think Josh is in for a surprise or two from life with his new baby-best-friend. Just sayin’.

Josh swimming with the old gals.

Josh Climbing in RMNP (and a good testament to why I don’t alpine climb).

El Gigante by Andy Burr.