Episode 117: Heather Weidner – The Life of Try.

heather-collageOn Episode 117, I sit down in a La Quinta Inn in Rifle, Colorado (the town, not the climbing area) with Heather Weidner. Heather and I nerd out on the process it took for her to do the first female ascent of China Doll (5.14R) sans bolts. Then we go deeper. After sending the multi-year mega-project that was China Doll, instead of lasting elation, Heather felt let-down and self-loathing. Heather had given up being a veterinarian to become a professional climber, and as she finally had space to reflect on that choice and her life before climbing, she’s had to reckon with sad memories and troubled times from the past. Climbing, though, still gives her the outlet she needs to be happy and move forward. Onward and upward, Heather hopes to graduate to “For-Lifer” and always find solace in climbing.

Heather is a rare pro that keeps her blog relatively up-to-date! 

Life in Reverse


Episode 108: Joe Kinder – Working for it.

On Episode 108 of the Enormocast, I sit down in the Mobile Studio in Rifle Mountain Park with Joe Kinder. Joe grew up in New England where he joined a crew of hotshot sport climbers that included Tim Kemple, Luke GOMEZ Parady, and Dave Graham. Self-described as the weakest of that band, Joe has nevertheless gone on to create a career out of climbing and ticked an extensive list of hard routes across the world. He started as a punk kid trying to be cool, and has become a consummate pro and route developer. Yet, as we sit down, the nervous kid worried about being cool comes out in this down to earth and revealing interview.



Episode 76: Ethan Pringle- Don’t Call it a Comeback…

11001840_804858449567905_8674651096228370069_nOn Episode 76 of the Enormocast, I sit down deep in the heart of Catalunya with American climber Ethan Pringle. A wary and weary Ethan sits down to bare his soul about his motivations as a pro climber. Its not all proud sends and free shoes in Ethanlandia. Ethan talks about the evolution of his career, his highs and lows as a climber, and fighting the worse parts of his nature. He wonders openly about his future, his place in the community, and where climbing will fit in down the road. Finally, Ethan tells of eating his first really big juicy burger in Greenland with Mike Libecki.

Ethan talks about his fight with Jumbo Love .15b