Episode 8: Steph Davis needs a lawyer and some ginkgo biloba.

Steph and her beloved Cajun

Episode 8 finds me in climber and flyer Steph Davis’ double-wide contending with her cat, Mao, her dog, Cajun, and her husband, Mario all futzing around in the background. Man, I can’t wait for PBR to build me a studio. Anyway, Steph and I mostly just reminisce about our shared past, but we do talk about her origins, inspirations, and transition to falling as much as climbing. And I manage not to swear for the first time, so gather the kids around. By the way, this podcast is in no way an admission of any guilt on the part of Ms. Davis.

Need more Steph?

Her website: highinfatuation.com

Her Book: High Infatuation: A Climber’s Guide To Love and Gravity