Episode 8: Steph Davis needs a lawyer and some ginkgo biloba.

Steph and her beloved Cajun

Episode 8 finds me in climber and flyer Steph Davis’ double-wide contending with her cat, Mao, her dog, Cajun, and her husband, Mario all futzing around in the background. Man, I can’t wait for PBR to build me a studio. Anyway, Steph and I mostly just reminisce about our shared past, but we do talk about her origins, inspirations, and transition to falling as much as climbing. And I manage not to swear for the first time, so gather the kids around. By the way, this podcast is in no way an admission of any guilt on the part of Ms. Davis.

Need more Steph?

Her website: highinfatuation.com

Her Book: High Infatuation: A Climber’s Guide To Love and Gravity


23 Replies to “Episode 8: Steph Davis needs a lawyer and some ginkgo biloba.”

  1. Chris! Can we get Steph back on in the future? Keep it up man, I get super excited when the notification shows up on my podcast app.

  2. The Grand Illusion was the first 5.13 b/c and it’s memorable because… it’s a trad route actually! and its a super proud line–a fingercrack through a huge roof. Popped into my head when you asked if anyone knew the first 13b and who sent it, because no one really cares about sport climbing.

    Also, the enormocast is great!

  3. Contemporary female trad-master: Hazel Findlay (minus the alpine stuff, so far…).

  4. Just checked out the show for the first time. Nice work.

    Get Sasha on the show, try to get her psyched up for the Nose.

  5. Keep it up chris, I don’t even climb that much but enjoy your cast. Tell backbone PR to get off their asses and support something with actual value

  6. great stories, keep it up! maybe the AAC will throw you some funding? they had an aborted “stories project” podcast a while back.

  7. Great podcast! Listened to the whole thing while I was hitting my mini climbing wall at the house.

    Gave your podcast a shout out on my site! Hope it drives some traffic your way! Get you a little closer to making money and getting beer.

  8. Great show! I’ve enjoyed all the episodes. I was one that noticed you were a couple of days late! When you work everyday and only have the radio and podcasts for 9 – 10 hours you look forward to things like this. So keep it up! What’s the deal with the valley rangers? I’ve never heard this before. Just overly aggressive or what? Little man syndrome?


    1. Not sure which it is, the chicken or the egg. Are little napoleons drawn to law enforcement or does the power corrupt? I don’t know but they are all up in climber’s shit for sure. Yosemite is infamous for it. Maybe because they can get away with it, you know, in a real city, they would be scared just pulling people over and fucking with them all the time, but in Yos, it’s carte blanche, nobody is going to be packing or anything. Anyway, beware.

  9. Greetings from the Isle of Tiree, Scotland. Just a heads up man, the latest Podcast isn’t downloading or streaming as of 8am UK time. Gordon

    1. Of course, no sooner do I post this on your site than it starts downloading. Cool. Great show, especially liked the Hayden episodes. Gordon

      1. Scotland! What’s up? Yeah, the fucking internet man, its killing me right now. I have so many bugs to deal with I’m ready to give up. Where’s my intern? Thanks for the message. Tell your friends to tune in!


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