Episode 85: Barbara “Babsi” Zangerl – Leben und Lernen.


On Episode 85 of the Enormocast, I sit down with Austrian climber Barbara Zangerl. Barbara started off an obsessive phenom boulderer,  but now she climbs hard, long, scary routes, and she’s no slouch on the sport routes, either. And, she recently dialed in the cracks, as well. Babsi, as she is also known, helps me understand the Austrian zeitgeist and what it takes to keep trying wenn alle Stricke reißen. She’s always looking for the new challenge, including speaking English to an American for an hour, and that’s why we love her.

Babsi in Switzerland

Another Recent Send



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Episode 84: Daniel Jung – The Climber’s Climber.

537862_10200888168663786_1623250941_n (380x306)

DJ on La Rambla, 9a.

On Episode 84, I sit down in a clean well-lit place in SLC during The Black Diamond Rock Project with German climber Daniel Jung. Daniel shakes off a nap while talking about his upbringing in Deutschland. He chronicles his humble beginnings and inspirations to his modern day building of a local gym for his fellow kletterpflanzen. Once king of the road in Europe, Daniel now splits his time with his brother Markus operating Jungs Boulderhalle and still climbing and living in the dirt with his friends.

A Gym and a Crag Video

Daniel in Siurana


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Episode 83: #instafacetweetmygram with Hayden Kennedy, Brendan Leonard, and Andrew Bisharat.

IMG_6419On Episode 83 of the Enormocast, I sit down in front of a live audience at Bonfire Coffee in Carbondale, CO during the 5Point Film Festival with Hayden Kennedy, Andrew Bisharat, and Brenden Leonard. We discuss the mainstream media’s sudden love affair with rock climbing, social media, the internet and whether climbing has lost its soul. Turns out that cappuccino driven spray is just as frothy as the booze driven kind.

Andrew’s website Evening Sends.

Brendan Leonard’s website Semi-rad.

Hayden Kennedy trying to get a call out in Red Rocks on his flip-phone.

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Episode 82: Jack Tackle – True Grit.

Jack Tackle, Ruth Lake, Uinta Mountains, UT

Photo: Andrew Burr

On Episode 82 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a magical place with mountaineering legend and Bozeman native, Jack Tackle. From the Montana to the Himalaya to Patagonia, and most importantly, to Alaska, Jack Tackle has set light and fast standards since before that was a “thing”. This dogged, humble, hardman is still revered by generations that have literally followed in his footsteps. Jack reflects on his major ascents, friends lost, and a life of expedition climbing. The deep intonement of Jack Tackle’s baritone is like the voice of the mountain itself.

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Episode 81: Peter Croft- Kid in a Candy Store.

CroftOn Epsiode 81, I sit down at the Bonnie Springs Hotel during the Red Rock Rendezvous for a chat with a personal hero: Peter Croft. While I try to contain my fawning, Peter expounds on his relationship with John Bachar, the first free solo of Astroman, El Cap and Half Dome in a day, and his humble beginnings in Canada. Peter reveals that despite his penchant for going ropeless, its the moments with friends and his own heroes that he cherishes most. He warns us off the teat of the camera, and makes sure we know he considers himself a bit of “lummox” when it comes to climbing. Alas, its Peter F-ing Croft! I can’t hardly believe it myself.

Peter on the Incredible Hulk

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