Episode 98: Eric Barnard – Small Town, Big Dreams.


On Episode 98 of the Enormocast, I sit down with Midwest native and ice farmer, Eric Barnard. Eric found climbing after Jerry’s death and getting sick and tired of Hacky Sack, and he went on to develop the early bouldering scene at Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin. After a stint in Pocatello, Idaho, he and his family moved back to the flatish-lands to start working on a climbing empire on the Mississippi. While working as the Director of Winona State’s Outdoor Education and Recreation Center, he has been a force behind creating a world class gym and now a city supported ice park. A motivated family man and climber, Eric is trying to have it all in what will soon become the Boulder of the upper midwest, Winona, Minnesota.

Take a class from Eric.

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Episode 97: Jay Smith – A Climber for All Seasons

Jay Smith andhis mustache.

Jay Smith and his mustache.

On Episode 97 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a limping Mobile Studio with alpinist, and all-around climber, Jay Smith. Jay and I get through his discomfort to talk about his early climbing, his vast motivation for first ascents, rigging, and best partners. Jay may or may not have sanctioned himself Clint-Eastwood-style by revealing classified intel about Navy Seal training. Jay is more at home freezing on a Himalayan peak than talking about himself, but his personality shines through in this hour in the Mobile Studio.

Since there’s basically nothing on the internet about Jay Smith, the climber, here’s a video of Jay Smith, the Swedish Country singer.

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Episode 96: Said Belhaj – All In, All the Time.

No booze, no drugs, no meat,all psyche.

No booze, no drugs, no meat, all psyche.

Said in sans kneepads in Rifle.

Said in sans kneepads in Rifle.

On Episode 96 of the Enormocast, I luck out and sit down with Swedish/Moroccan/Finnish climber, Said Belhaj.

After obsessively adventuring on nearby rocks and breaking into his grade school like a ninja to train, Said found sport climbing and his fate was set. He is a seeker and finds the meditative state in climbing to be as necessary as air and food. As an accomplished musician, Said travels the world sending hard routes and blowing minds with transcendental music. All in, all the time, Said Belhaj is a climber for the ages.


Said’s Website.

Said Belhaj profile by Andrew Bisharat

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Episode 95: Stefan Glowacz – Still on Top.

Stefan Glowacz from innocence to experience.

On Episode 95 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a slowly deteriorating studio with German climbing legend, Stefan Glowacz. Stefan informed my early climbing with his seminal book Rocks Around the World. He started as a hotshot comp climber, then a sport climber, and has gone on to establish monster alpine routes and big rock climbs around the globe. Always seeking new adventures by fair means, Stefan is nowhere near done finding new goals and pushing the envelope.

A young Stefan freesolos Katchoong in Arapiles.

A crazy-ass rig in a cave.

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Episode 94: Colin Haley – The Contender.

Photo: Alex Honnold

Photo: Alex Honnold

Photo: Dylan Johnson

Photo: Dylan Johnson









On Episode 94 of the Enormocast, I enjoy an evening with alpinist, Colin Haley. Colin hails from Washington, grew up scrambling and snow climbing in the Cascades before turning his talents to Alaska, the Himalaya, and Patagonia. Colin methodically built the skills to become one of the heavy-hitters down in El Chalten and was finally called up to the big leagues by Rolo Garibotti to complete the Cerro Torre Traverse. But that was only the beginning. Don’t call it an obsession, but this guy now knows Patagonia as well as anyone.

Colin’s Website

Colin’s Old Blog

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