Episode 81: Peter Croft- Kid in a Candy Store.

CroftOn Epsiode 81, I sit down at the Bonnie Springs Hotel during the Red Rock Rendezvous for a chat with a personal hero: Peter Croft. While I try to contain my fawning, Peter expounds on his relationship with John Bachar, the first free solo of Astroman, El Cap and Half Dome in a day, and his humble beginnings in Canada. Peter reveals that despite his penchant for going ropeless, its the moments with friends and his own heroes that he cherishes most. He warns us off the teat of the camera, and makes sure we know he considers himself a bit of “lummox” when it comes to climbing. Alas, its Peter F-ing Croft! I can’t hardly believe it myself.

Peter on the Incredible Hulk

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Episode 80: Nina Caprez- For the love of climbing.

photo_1On Episode 80 of the Enormocast, I lure Swiss climber Nina Caprez into the van down by the reservoir. Another exciting interview in the Spain chronicles, Nina charms the hell out of me by explaining why big climbing rules her world, why social media is not really her thing, and why she just isn’t that scared most of the time. She appears to not have a lazy bone in her body and her psyche level, even on this rest day, is off the charts. The Swiss Princess no more, Nina Caprez strikes an elegant, yet powerful pose on this Enormocast.

In other news: La Sportiva is a new Enormocast Sponsor!


Nina and Cedric Lachat on Silbergeier

Nina and Jstar in the Verdon

Nina’s Blog


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Episode 79- Fear, not loathing, in Las Vegas (Live).








On Episode 79 of the Enormocast, I get a decent recording from the live event at Mountain Gear‘s Red Rock Rendezvous. This premier climbing festival brings in hundreds for clinics, climbing, music, beer, and…well, lots of beer. My guests Libby Sauter, Ethan Pringle, and Andres Marin talked about fear, and in Ethan’s case loathing, from the stage while a dyno comp went down not meters away. But my guests captivated the crowd with tales of the Pakistani Death Loop, La Reina Mora, and a lesson on how to STFU. Good times at a great event.

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Episode 78- Sonnie Trotter- Nicer Than You Are.


Sonnie and his little man , Tatum.

On Episode 78 of the Enormocast, I send some love north to America’s Hat with an interview with Canadian Superstar, Sonnie Trotter. Sonnie sits down in a van by a lake in Siurana, Spain to talk about his origins, his inspirations, and his journey through most of the disciplines that climbing has to offer. Living up to the Canadian reputation for being swell, Sonnie gets rather embarrassed when I point out that he is now an inspiration for a generation of Canuck climbers. This is actually Sonnie’s second appearance on the cast, and we’re glad to have him back.


A Bouldering Honeymoon.

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Episode 77: Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber- The Iron Couple

KL-Kilian-Fischhuber-Anna-Stoehr-060710CB01-Teaser--On Epsiode 77, I’m working hard for you on my Spanish vacation tracking down Austrian kraftpakets Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stöhr. My friend Bernardo Giminez facilitated a meeting and Anna and Kilian were gracious enough to invite me into their temporary home to talk. In perfect English, they explain their military sponsorship, the Austrian climbing scene, and what they love about climbing. Crossing the cultural gap, we also discuss guns in ‘Merica.

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