Enormocast 222: Harvey Wright – Heart Like an Ocean

On Episode 222 of the Enormocast, I connect with Harvey Merritt Wright. Harvey Wright is a climber, musician, and hair dresser from Vancouver, BC and the recent subject of a full length documentary film, Crux. Harvey also deals with drug and alcohol addiction. When Harvey first started climbing, he hit it hard and quickly achieved some impressive feats in Yosemite and as far away as the Lotus Flower Tower. His renaissance from the party life to the climbing life cleaned him up and garnered the attention of his film maker friends, Casey Dubois and Zac Hoffman. But then the pandemic hit, lockdowns ensued, and the cracks were revealed as Harvey slid back into alcohol and drugs. Now, Harvey is realizing that climbing, though helpful as a piece of his therapy, won’t be the magical cure for his ailing mental health that he and Casey and Zac had hoped. Nevertheless, Harvey continues to learn to love himself and pursue a love of climbing that will serve him through the decades.

Harvey’s music at Spotify

Crux at Facebook

Crux Trailer

14 Replies to “Enormocast 222: Harvey Wright – Heart Like an Ocean”

  1. Beta / spoiler alert. It only takes about six hours to decend el Cap via the hiking trail. I have done this in the dark and it’s No Big Deal.

  2. Late response but –
    Love this episode, hope everyone hangs in there.

    Mostly unrelated, but this randomly reminded me of a 2018 documentary “The Barter Barber” dealing with raising awareness for depression and mental health issues.

    Thanks again for a great episode

  3. O Man! Another great one! I’m trying not to finish it because I love this guys stories. His brutal honesty and non bro bra approach to life. Old school adventurous spirit. Love the east buttress story. I miss these kinds of people! So many more lessons climbing can teach you then just climbing Hard. Great interview!

  4. I’ve been listening for a little over three years, and this was my favorite one so far. I struggle with addiction, and related to Harvey a lot. I’m currently trying to be sober( 9 days this time). Climbing and working out helps a lot, but after watching the movie and listening to the podcast I reached out to a therapist for the first time ever. So thanks Chris and Harvey for having the discussion. Big fan here.

    Also, I’m in Fresno, and if Harvey ever wants to climb in the Central Sierra again, I’ll totally pick him up from the airport and help out however I can. I don’t have social media, so get at me via email if need be.

    1. Thanks, Cam. I’ll forward your kind words and contact to Harvey. Good luck keeping it clean and forgive yourself and just get back on the horse if you slip. Its a long road.

  5. This was powerful. Thanks.
    All the best for Harvey-Keep climbing and having fun, buddy!

    Stay well, Chris!

    (just waiting to the end of the music to then start watching the movie)

  6. Hey thanks Chris and Harvey this one really related on a personal level.
    Go well Harvey.

  7. That was one dam good episode, perhaps the best yet. Brilliant! I’ve said that before, but am so glad I keep eating my words.

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