Enormocast 230: Paul Pritchard – The Tao of Paul

On Episode 230, I connect with Paul Pritchard all the way from Tasmania. Paul’s new book The Mountain Path: A Climbers Journey Through Life and Death examines his life of climbing and life-changing accident on the Totem Pole in Tasmania through the lens of his scholarship in Buddhism. Paul came of age in Wales climbing during the storied era of the dole climbers: living hand to mouth and climbing the hardest, scariest routes ever conceived. Pritchard went on to climb alpine and rock routes worldwide until he was hit by rockfall on a fateful day in 1998 while on the Totem Pole. Paul became hemiplegic, fought to regain speech, and looked into the abyss before realizing that he had a hell of a lot of living still left to do. In the 22 years since, Paul has climbed again, had many epic adventures all over the world, started a family, and learned to love that rock that clocked him in the skull and set him on the path towards an enlightened outlook.

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