Enormocast 233: Bradley “Chum” Carter – Mountains and Music

On Episode 233 of the Enormocast, I sit down with musician and climber, Bradley “Chum” Carter. Chum grew up climbing in Tennessee and the greater Southeast, but did stints in the Northwest and Yosemite and Hueco and beyond. Somewhere in there, he also became an accomplished multi-instrument musician. Then came the difficult task of “balancing” the two. A task at which he mostly failed as the desire and needs of climbing vs. music swung back and forth. These days, Chum can be found in Boulder, Colorado still recording music and trying to reclaim his former glory on the rock.

Chum on Spotify

Chum on Youtube

Music Tracks from the Episode:

  1. Interview intro: Unnamed groove on Instagram
  2. Breaking Up Xmas
  3. Everybody Wants to Rule the World banjo cover
  4. Deep Water Solo
  5. Spread It Around
  6. Brave New Wild
  7. Amen (featuring Jerry Moffat)
  8. Full Nelson

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  1. Love the way his music is interwoven. Heck yeah, love the everyman vibes, the heartache, the conversational tone. Thanks so much dude.

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