Emormocast 260: Peter Naituli – Sacred Mountains

Photos: Gabriel Jackson, Lower Left Ash Mulama

On Episode 260 of the Enormocast, I connect across oceans and continents with Kenyan climber and guide, Peter Naituli (AKA Peter Muambi Loinua ‘Naitulu’ M’tulatia). Peter is a home grown Kenyan climber and guide who is spearheading development of styles, routes, and crags in Northern Kenya. In addition, Peter has a guiding service for rock and alpine introducing the wonders of Kenyan climbing to foreigners and Kenyans alike. A recent documentary, Cold Feet, follows Peter on his quest to grow even closer to the natural world by climbing Point John on Mount Kenya barefoot. Steeped in Warrior culture, Peter not only confronts serious climbing, but playfully interacts with the rocks, mountains, tribes, and wildlife of his homeland.

Peter’s Instagram @afro_vertical

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    1. I’m down for that, but I wonder how many are knowable at this point? And which tribe’s name do you choose? Their are likely several tribes that would have noted the Front Range mountains at the very least.

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