Enormocast 280: Taps 2024 – The Really Bollocks Edition

On Episode 280 of the Enormocast we present the 2024 Taps edition of the Enormocast. This is the annual episode where we lay to rest traditions, foibles, and notions in climbing that are either sadly going to sleep never to reawaken, or should be put to bed for good. The Enormocast is joined by our returning arbiters: Andrew Bisharat of Evening Sends and The Runout Podcast, former interview guest Mary Harlan, and Andy Salo from Wolverine Publishing. On the docket on this rollicking episode are the rise of McGyms, the death of sleeping in the dirt, why we need to put to bed the Gym to Crag initiatives, gatekeeping, and so much more. All fun, mostly joking, mildly offensive, this year’s Taps will not disappoint the fans and newbies alike.

PSA: The following podcast contains adult language coupled with childish humor. Male and female genitalia may be referenced. We talk about sex, baby. If you take climbing and your place in it very very seriously, the royal we here at the Enormocast suggest that you skip this one. We will also be taking climbing seriously again on the next episode of the Enormocast coming soon.

A Brief History of Taps (the song)

Enormocast 279: David Smart and Royal Robbins – Some Work of Noble Note

Photos of Royal Robbins by the late Tom Frost

On episode 279 of the Enormocast, we have an allt-ime double-header. First, David Smart joins from Toronto to talk about his life as a climber and his new book from The Mountaineers, Royal Robbins: The American Climber. Royal Robbins was one of the most influential climbers of all time, and David’s book is the most comprehensive look the great man’s life in print. David is also a lifer having climbed throughout Canada and beyond for 50 years. Then, tune in to hear Royal Robbins himself from a 2012 interview in Lander, Wyoming during the International Climbers Festival. This long shelved interview gives insight into Royal’s personality and though it occured late in life, the fire is still burning.

Helen Mirren Reads Tennyson’s Ulysses

Enormocast 278: Thomas Bukowski – A Funny Little Life

Photos: Alison Hathaway, Brian Knowles, Jonathan Adam Guy

On Episode 278 of the Enormocast, I connect with Thomas Bukowski from my home to his van sitting in Yosemite. Thomas had just completed three El Cap routes in three days, and was recovering. His next adventures in Patagonia were just on the horizon. Thomas is an American citizen, but is also half Chinese and grew up in Hong Kong. Decidedly a little too squirrelly for regimented Hong Kong schooling, Thomas eventually found himself in boarding school in Norway where he learned to climb. His climbing aspirations were interrupted for a time when one morning he woke up and realized he was gay. Like, for real gay, and he made the move to San Francisco to explore what that meant. But the path couldn’t diverge for long, and soon he was at the gym, then at Yosemite, and then living in his van pursuing a guiding career and climbing career. Now Thomas, AKA Neodude, spends his time pursuing his own goals, but also representing for the gay community and reaching out to bring the chance to climb to underserved communities.

North Face Athlete Development Program