Episode 31: Hayden Kennedy + Andrew Bisharat + PBR = Frothy Climbing Spray.

537224_10151477366463949_1475701605_n313858_10151591187578949_1298758465_nHayden fixed lineHo, Man! On Episode 31 of the Enormocast I lure Andrew Bisharat and Hayden Kennedy into the closet for an old-fashioned bro-down. Andrew and I discuss whether or not the recent ascent of La Dura Dura, AKA the hard hard hardest route in the world, even matters. Hayden tells the story of his Piolet d’Or nominated ascent of the Ogre in Pakistan. I debase myself by begging Steve House and Josh Wharton to come on the show. And so much more. A return to form from the early days of the Enormocast: beer-fueled climbing spray!

Doug Scott on the Ogre

Perhaps the gnarliest mountaineering photo of all time

2013 Piolet d’Or nominees



Episode 30: Matt Samet- Climbing up from the depths of madness.

Matt Samet accompanies me to Colomibia. Not American Airlines' sweet duct tape repair!
Matt Samet accompanies me to Colombia. Note American Airlines’ sweet duct tape repair! White duct tape= classy.

On Episode 30, I travel to a place called Gun Barrel to meet up with climber and author Matt Samet. We talk about his days developing Rifle, and his start as a climber. Yes, European listeners, we love guns so much we name our neighborhoods and towns after them. More importantly, we discuss the events depicted in his new book: Death Grip. Matt spent several years in a hellish battle with antidepressants and establishment psychiatry. Then we take a deep breadth, invite his toddler Ivan to the table, and the interview unwinds with a blatant plug for Matt’s next project. Ah, commerce!

Matt Samet at Facebook

Buy Death Grip: A Climber’s Escape from Benzo Madness



Episode 29: Cody Roth- Climbing Europhiliac.

Cody Roth leans into it at Refugio La Roca, La Mojarra, Colombia
Cody Roth leans into it at Refugio La Roca, La Mojarra, Colombia. Find the Enormocast sticker for 1000 extra points. Photo: Andrew Burr.

On Episode 29, I sit across a plastic Club Colombia table in Refugio La Roca from undercover bone-crusher Cody Roth. Despite appearances in Chuck Fryberger’s films and Andy Burr following Cody around like Paparazzi hunting Lohan, and despite him crushing 5.14 and V-hard, I postulate that Cody, AKA C.H.U.T, AKA The Critter, is an unknown in the USA. His disappearance into the Alps for a decade didn’t help. Cody and I dive deep into the differences in climbing culture between the US and Europe. We tread water in stereotypes and my thick-headed preconceived notions until we climb out the other side with a great big hug for our Euro brothers and sisters who climb rocks while sporting their jaunty scarves. Cameos abound from Alexandra (our hostess at the refugio), Andy Burr, and Ramillo (AKA Karl) the dog. Viva Colombia!

Cody Climbs in the Sandias, New Mexico,

Cody Sprays on and on about Europe, Bli, Bla, Blub

Who the Hell is Killian Fischhuber?