Episode 73: Frank Sanders- Man of the Tower.

FrankOn Episode 73 of the Enormocast, I pay a visit to Devils Tower Legend, Frank Sanders. Frank runs the Devils Tower Lodge in the shadow of the Tower. His first magical trip to DT occurred in the early 70s, and he’s never lost that loving feeling. Frank’s climbing accomplishments span three continents, and include climbing at Devils Tower 365 days straight in 2007-08. A lover of life, a giver of wisdom, man of faith, Frank welcomes climbers of all stripes into the fold at the Tower.

A Really Random Video of Devils Tower


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  1. Listening to this reminded me of Herb and Jan Conn of the Needles, SD. Herb is gone now, but Jan may still be around. If you could track her down and she was still in good health, it’d be priceless history saved.

  2. Nice Story other than the fact it is not True! I’m sure Dingus Magee, Last Pioneer Woman, Todd Skinner, Derek Hersey, and many other just laugh at this pathological megalomaniac.

    1. I was watching some vids on Frank as preparation, and came across that. I watched it several times. “Hey, cowgirl…”. Then I actually watched a bunch of other fucked up videos by the same dude. Good stuff.

    1. I meant to get to that, but it never came around in time. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t abide the ban. As he says “the tower means many things to many people”, and I believe he finds his own spiritual connection and “worship” in climbing. Therefore, banning climbing because of sacred ground becomes irrelevant.

      1. Thanks Chris. I suspected as much. Although I don’t agree with him, I definitely respect his beliefs as genuine.

          1. Yes! He does! And makes a lot of money exploiting Indians not only by climbing in June but through his lies about Project 365. “When Fiction becomes Truth”. Wake up Folks.

  3. Great interview! I’ve heard the story before but it is wonderful that you are sharing again. A trip to the tower and a night with Frank at Devil’s Tower Lodge would be a treat for anyone, a must do even if you just explore the base of the tower.

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