Episode 72: Author Kelly Cordes- In Search of Justice.

kc - career possibilities liquor store job IMG_1118(1) Kelly’s career prospects if you don’t buy his book.

On Episode 72 of the Enormocast, I barrel through record snow in the Previa to meet up with Kelly Cordes. Kelly has graced the Mobile Studio and the Live Stage on the Enormocast, but on this night, he proudly recounts the harrowing task of writing (and saying) The Tower: A Chronicle of Climbing and Controversy on Cerro Torre. Kelly trotted the globe in search of answers to the long standing mystery of Cesare Maestri‘s claim to the first ascent of Cerro Torre in 1959. He also enlightens events surrounding the controversial chopping of the 1970 Compressor Route. Finally, he calls for justice in the death of .

Kelly Reads the Book

Rolo Garbotti’s A Mountain Unveiled

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11 Replies to “Episode 72: Author Kelly Cordes- In Search of Justice.”

  1. Listening to this episode on Jan. 11, 2020, following the Trump mob siege of capital helps me to understand how a people can believe in a big conspiracy.
    “Evidence is no match for belief”
    Kelly Cordes

  2. Love listening to Kelly Cordes on your show. He’s what I love about climbers: tough, passionate and not taking life too seriously.

  3. Since listening to this I have become near obsessed with Cerro Torre. I’ve listened to your 2-parter with HK and just started reading The Tower last night. Huge thanks to you and Kelly for this episode. Super interesting story! 

  4. Perhaps when Maestri says “If you doubt me, you doubt the history of climbing” that’s his mental gymnastics to tell the truth about the lie. That is, that he is speaking towards the “dupes”?

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