The Enormocast Booze Bingo

Bored of hearing about the Trifecta- Indian Creek, The Black Canyon, Rifle– on every fucking Enormocast? Are you like James Lucas and sick and tired of me relentlessly bringing up my glorious ascent of the Freerider on El Cap? Well, that’s nothing a little booze can’t cure. Just gather your friends, a a couple cases of PBR, a bottle of whiskey, and cue up an episode.




Any time you hear “Indian Creek” take a slug of delicious beer.

“Black Canyon” gets you two swigs.

A “Rifle” mention, the weapon or the climbing area, and its time to shotgun one of those barley sodas.

“Free Rider” is a shot. No puking.

And after you loosen up a little, don’t be afraid to make up your own. For example, a reference to anything “back in the day” could be followed by shouting CLIMB! and toasting. Dropping “Sharma” could mean you make-out with the person next to you.

Clue into the overused rhetorical devices. “What’s interesting to me…” could mean you remove a piece of clothing. “Whatever else…” means its body-shot time. And on and on.

Just let your imagination, your growing inebriation, and the relative sexiness and gender of your immediate compadres be your guide.

NOTE: Do not play Enormocast Booze Bingo while driving or operating heavy machinery.

And don’t forget to tie-in BEFORE you start drinking.





Episode 23: Mason Earle- Master of his domain.

Photo: Brad Gobright

On Episode 23 of the Enormocast, hotshot crack addict Mason Earle survives a near fatal fixie accident and arrives at the mobile studio ready to open his soul. We learn about his beginnings on the East Coast, his fateful first days in Indian Creek, a shameful ascent of El Cap and more. We are both convinced that OW climbing is god’s own, but when we both claim to suck at it, one of us is lying. Nico Favresse might or might not make a cameo. Finally, James Lucas can skip to 33 minutes for this show’s reference to me climbing the FreeRider.

Mason’s Blog      Mason’s 5Ten Blog     Mason’s Vimeo Page


Episode 22: Climb hard and walk tall with Andrew Bisharat.

Charlie Moore’s been trying real hard!

On Episode 22, Andrew Bisharat and I discuss why hard climbing is so important to everyone. We hit on grades, appropriate hero worship, why Americans are the lifestyle climbers of the world, and how Ecstasy, sex, and climbing go together . Also, unbeknownst to him, we decide that Chris Sharma is the world’s saddest climber. Come along for this philosophical climb up that overhanging tufa route that you’ve been dreaming about.