Episode 28: Alex Honnold- Calmer than you are.

AH having a good time, all the time.

On Episode 28, I bag with one clean shot, a perfectly healthy free-range Honnold. Alex sits down in a clean, well-lit place to expound on his life in the glare of the klieg lights . He tells us what it was like to lock eyes with the beautiful and mysterious Lara Logan, what it was like to lock eyes with the happy-go-lucky Steve Denny on a lonely night on El Cap, and what its like to lock eyes with you, as he blows past on that hanging belay in Yosemite. From shy boy to pro-sesh hero, Alex lets us sit in on his world for an hour. Turns out, its pretty fun and chill in the Republic of Honnoldlandia.

Alex on 60 Minutes (if you’re lucky, with a Viagra commercial, or two)

Alex on No Way Jose, North Wash, UT vs. Our friend JP Ouellet on No Way Jose

Want more Alex Honnold, you freak? Just google him and say goodbye to the afternoon!




6 Replies to “Episode 28: Alex Honnold- Calmer than you are.”

  1. Hey I am just wondering where the lines comes from at the beginning of the podcast. The guys talking on the wall about pins being loose and how they better get up there, I love that line and just wondering where it comes from….thanks!


  2. Hey I am going through all these sitting at my desk banging out code and it is making my days more tolerable. Super awesome stuff man thanks.

    1. Why not mix free soloing and pharmacological boners? Makes total sense when you think about it, but I don’t recommend thinking about it, actually.

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