Episode 27: Mayan Smith-Gobat – Mama don't take no mess.

Mayan on Punks in the Gym

On Episode 27, I chase down New Zealander Mayan Smith-Gobat in of all places, Grand Junction, Colorado. Mayan tells how she is holed up in the oddly frigid wasteland that is Colorado’s Western Slope to retool her mind and body into a killer android-like climbing machine. Who knew that GJ was such a hotbed of training fanatics? Mayan tells us about her beginnings in New Zealand, her move onto the world scene, and her obsessive no-excuses methods for getting it done. I manage to avoid even making a single sheep joke about NZ or referring to her namesake alien-seeded middle Americans whose lame apocalypse was such a letdown last month. I’m getting to be pretty pro-sesh if I do say so myself.

Mayan on the Salathé

Mayan at 5.10

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Mayan on Punks