Enormocast 280: Taps 2024 – The Really Bollocks Edition

On Episode 280 of the Enormocast we present the 2024 Taps edition of the Enormocast. This is the annual episode where we lay to rest traditions, foibles, and notions in climbing that are either sadly going to sleep never to reawaken, or should be put to bed for good. The Enormocast is joined by our returning arbiters: Andrew Bisharat of Evening Sends and The Runout Podcast, former interview guest Mary Harlan, and Andy Salo from Wolverine Publishing. On the docket on this rollicking episode are the rise of McGyms, the death of sleeping in the dirt, why we need to put to bed the Gym to Crag initiatives, gatekeeping, and so much more. All fun, mostly joking, mildly offensive, this year’s Taps will not disappoint the fans and newbies alike.

PSA: The following podcast contains adult language coupled with childish humor. Male and female genitalia may be referenced. We talk about sex, baby. If you take climbing and your place in it very very seriously, the royal we here at the Enormocast suggest that you skip this one. We will also be taking climbing seriously again on the next episode of the Enormocast coming soon.

A Brief History of Taps (the song)

Enormocast 235: TAPS 2022 – This Podcast is For Sale Edition

Andrew Bisharat, Thirst Trap, Andy Salo

On Episode 235, the 2022 TAPS Edition of the Enormocast has arrived. Returning curmudgeon, Andrew Bisharat, and I rough up FNG Andy Salo on this year’s nearly 2 hour show. Lined up at the guillotine this year are the notions that selling out is a bad thing, climbers are counterculture rebels and free thinkers, the one track traddie, the “male dominated” trope in climbing media, “day flash”, Olympic fever, 8000 meter climbing, and more. We finish with a drop in from former TAPS maven Steve Dilk who was actually nearly killed in 2021. Alas, remember that the Enormocast is for entertainment purposes only, and if we sent up your sacred cow, relax, buddy. Also, DON’T CLIMB ON WET SANDSTONE, and follow our sponsor, Breukelen Distilling.