Episode 145: Mary Harlan – Almost Famous

On Episode 145 of the Enormocast, I sit down with my friend and Carbondale local, Mary Harlan. I often get requests for the “everyman (sic)” interview, and though Mary is not ordinary, nor is she a man, she does tread near the mainstream category as not only a good and experienced climber, but a mother, wife, and career firefighter. Mary talks about her ambition to be a sponsored climber, her ambition to be the best, and her ambition to stink really bad. Perhaps not quite the “everywoman”, but Mary certainly tried to have it all and realized not a moment too soon when something in her climbing had to give.

Mary in Zion


3 Replies to “Episode 145: Mary Harlan – Almost Famous”

  1. Its was so cool to hear her talking about the So Ill Gang, and the Chancellor brothers. I was actually pulling into their parking lot and at that moment me and my girlfriend immediately thought the Enomocast and climbing gods were clearly letting us know today was the day for our sends. Needless to say I didn’t send v16 but, the newly put up 7-8s are some good projects. Also I would go nuts for a episode with the chancellor brothers, just saying… Have an awesome day Chris!

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