Enormocast 235: TAPS 2022 – This Podcast is For Sale Edition

Andrew Bisharat, Thirst Trap, Andy Salo

On Episode 235, the 2022 TAPS Edition of the Enormocast has arrived. Returning curmudgeon, Andrew Bisharat, and I rough up FNG Andy Salo on this year’s nearly 2 hour show. Lined up at the guillotine this year are the notions that selling out is a bad thing, climbers are counterculture rebels and free thinkers, the one track traddie, the “male dominated” trope in climbing media, “day flash”, Olympic fever, 8000 meter climbing, and more. We finish with a drop in from former TAPS maven Steve Dilk who was actually nearly killed in 2021. Alas, remember that the Enormocast is for entertainment purposes only, and if we sent up your sacred cow, relax, buddy. Also, DON’T CLIMB ON WET SANDSTONE, and follow our sponsor, Breukelen Distilling.

10 Replies to “Enormocast 235: TAPS 2022 – This Podcast is For Sale Edition”

  1. Interesting to compare your rant on access and climbing while wet nazis at Indian Creek to what’s going on with Joe Rogan now. Of course, misinformation in the midst of a national health crisis is a problem of greater seriousness, but I think there’s some parallels between the two situations and their political dynamics.

  2. Good episode. What protects climbing from cancel culture is the self selecting attraction of young kids who still think climbing hard routes is rad an who don’t give a fuck. “I want to climb what I want to climb.”
    I have faith that this intrinsic quality of climbers is still foundational to climbing.

  3. Can you tap the “my shoes Don’t fit right, I’ve worn them to the gym a few times, they don’t fit my feet and are” “uncomfortable” “. I’ve been marketplace chastised and banned for calling this out. Its taken months to break in 5.10 blackwings, evolve shamans, mad rock shoes, Sportivas. This should be a TAPS ammendum.

      1. Grab Steve Komito @ Komitoboots in Estes Park. He works magic on shoe repair, saved said blackwings and shamans wich are now wonderful climbing shoes and painful again for the 3rd time. He’s going under the knife mid may and will be out (perfect time for interviews) . Has ties with Caldwells, Robbins, Spearhead, and RMNP climbing. A wonderful person period!

  4. The audacity of a bunch of dude bros deciding how all the women in climbing ‘should’ feel about gender dynamics in climbing should definitely be marched up to the guillotine and given its just deserts. Perhaps, I dunno, ask some women? It’s not just numbers, it’s sponsorship money, exposure, mentorship, ease of entry and basic safety/comfort.

  5. 37:08, Petroglyph guy “he was like a fucking FORTRESS against information.”

    Pure truth of our times, and goddamn hilarious. I’m getting that shit embroidered on a throw pillow and buying a gallon of 77. Well played, sir.

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