Enormocast 236: Malik Martin and Conrad Anker – Brothers, Friends, and Countrymen

All photos: Max Lowe

On Episode 236 of the Enormocast, I sit down next to, but for some reason not in, a hot springs pool with Malik Martin and Conrad Anker. Conrad and Malik met at Memphis Rox when Malik was working there, and the North Face had sent Conrad to check it out. Memphis Rox is a unique gym, a non-profit, and known for its outreach to the South Memphis community. Malik was already a photojournalist, but his curiosity about outdoor photography bonded him and Conrad. Since that fateful meeting, Malik has come to call Conrad his “Mountain Dad”. Since entering the industry, Malik has become an outspoken advocate for diversity and representation for the Black community in the outdoor industry. He’s not afraid to confront racism, hypocrisy, and apathy in climbing around diversity. Climbers may be most familiar with Malik Martin from Sender Films’ Black Ice.

Malik and Conrad at the Alpenglow Speaker Series

4 Replies to “Enormocast 236: Malik Martin and Conrad Anker – Brothers, Friends, and Countrymen”

  1. Great interview! I really enjoyed Malik’s perspectives. And it was a kick to hear Mike Freeman’s name mentioned.

    1. Been thinking about getting Freeman on. Not sure he’d do it. Always was a not-in-the-spotlight type of dude. Pretty removed from climbing. Can’t hurt to ask.

  2. This was one of the best enormocast I’ve listened to! Bravo Malik was absolutely brilliant, thought provoking and real. It’s one you could really listen to a few times and hear something new each time to think about. I’m not a climber but I love your podcast, & now I love it even more, thank you.

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