Episode 175: Mark Hudon and Jordan Cannon’s Excellent Adventure.

On Episode 175 of the Enormocast, I sit down in the Mobile Studio parked under a rainy Moab sky with Mark Hudon and Jordan Cannon. Mark and Jordan are on a great Western road trip and prepping for Mark’s attempt on the Freerider on El Cap. But here’s the thing, Mark is 63 and Jordan is 24 which makes them an odd generational couple. Hudon was a legend in the late 70s for attempting to free climb the Salathe Wall with Max Jones. If he pulls off the Freerider, Mark will certainly become the oldest climber to free El Cap and his story will come full circle to realize his ambition from 1979. And Jordan, almost as much as Mark, is determined to make that happen.

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Episode 133: Alex Honnold – Kind of a Big Deal.

On Episode 132, I sit down with Alex Honnold. You may have heard of him. He recently free-handed the El Capitan.

But seriously, a seriously-still-stoked Alex Honnold joins the Enormocast for his sophomore appearance. In opposition to his many recent mainstream appearances, on Jimmy Kimmel for example, we decided that a total move-for-move nerd-out on his history-making free solo of the FreeRider on El Capitan should be soup du jour on the Enormocast- a CLIMBING podcast. Alex reports the parts that truly made him nervous beforehand, the film effort, a false start, and how it made him feel to accomplish one of the, if not THE, crowning athletic achievements of human kind, EVER, ever. So strap in for this very hot, very exclusive interview. In Alex’s own words, “If you’re a climber, you pretty much have to do the Enormocast.”


Episode 92: James Lucas – Free Riding.

Kalous and James and his little Spanish friend under La Reina Mora in Siurana.
Kalous and James and his little Spanish friend under La Reina Mora in Siurana.

On Episode 92 of the Enormocast, I reunite with a Enormo-favorite James Lucas. He left his Saturn behind, went to Spain, and climbed the Freerider in a day, all since we last heard from him in Episode 47. James continues to lead the dirtbag life, bouncing from Yosemite, to Salt Lake, and around the world. Some call him the last American Dirtbag, some call him the last Stonemaster, some just call him Peaches, but nobody doesn’t smile when JL shows up.

The Last American Dirtbag

James hitting the Open Mic

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