Enormocast 216- Jim Reynolds Searches for the Rhythm

Photos: Alexa Flowers, Ted Hesser, Jim Reynolds

On Episode 216 for the Enormocast, I luck into an interview with the elusive Jim Reynolds. Jim popped onto most of our radars with a really fast ascent of the Nose with the late great Brad Gobright followed by some truly audacious solos in Patagonia including an onsight solo up and down of Fitzroy. Finally, his sort of comic appearance in the Real Rock 14 film about Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold breaking 2 hours on the Nose made a lot of people wonder, “Who’s that guy with Brad Gobright?” But of course, there is way more to Jim than that guy. This episode brings to light the stories that made him renown and also the details of his soloing life and life in Yosemite. Jim loves to disappear into the mountains, but he is also starting to love to tell the tales when he returns.

4 Replies to “Enormocast 216- Jim Reynolds Searches for the Rhythm”

  1. Free-soloing alpine routes is rad and badass, but pencil jumping off a 50 foot boulder into a space net is truly pucker worthy.

    Stay safe out there J.

  2. I listened to this twice and may listen to it again. I really liked the idea of hiking into the valley alone and bouldering to get comfortable with being there.

    I googled these formations, Rafael Juarez, Saint-Exupery and Fitz Roy and didn’t find detailed route info online. It seems like the place still has a lot of untapped potential. I’ve never been there but all this is making me realize how much I need that three month airplane ticket to Patagonia.

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