Episode 133: Alex Honnold – Kind of a Big Deal.

On Episode 132, I sit down with Alex Honnold. You may have heard of him. He recently free-handed the El Capitan.

But seriously, a seriously-still-stoked Alex Honnold joins the Enormocast for his sophomore appearance. In opposition to his many recent mainstream appearances, on Jimmy Kimmel for example, we decided that a total move-for-move nerd-out on his history-making free solo of the FreeRider on El Capitan should be soup du jour on the Enormocast- a CLIMBING podcast. Alex reports the parts that truly made him nervous beforehand, the film effort, a false start, and how it made him feel to accomplish one of the, if not THE, crowning athletic achievements of human kind, EVER, ever. So strap in for this very hot, very exclusive interview. In Alex’s own words, “If you’re a climber, you pretty much have to do the Enormocast.”

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  1. Here’s a random thought: you should see if you can interview E. Chai Vasarhelyi. Because she’s not a climber and cheerfully says she’s not interested in climbing movies, but she’s co-directed two of the best climbing movies ever (not to mention being married to a climber).

    It’d obviously be great to have an interview with Jimmy Chin, but I’d be especially curious to hear one with Vasarhelyi, about this weird insider/outsider perspective she has on the climbing world, and what it’s like to engage so intensely with climbing while not being a climber.

  2. Just saw Free Solo and this complements the film very nicely. It’s almost like Alex’s incredible stoke at having done it carries over from the last moments of the film right into this interview.

    Well done!

    1. Thanks. I was quite honored that he was so forthcoming in the interview. I almost felt like he was going to get in trouble for telling us all the secrets.

  3. Alex I arrived at all of the same conclusions about equality as you have.. I describe the concepts of fairness is almost the exact same way.. nice to know you exist in the world dude.. just keep being you dude

  4. Not really the right spot to post this, but I wanted you to know I’ve listened to over 100 episodes and I still laugh out loud every time you shout CLIMB! If you could work that into some new episodes I’d be psyched!!! Haha. Also, love the Lebowski quotes!

  5. i was wondering when this was gonna happen. cool reverb on your intro bro…NOT! :-X J/K keep up the good work dude

  6. Hey Chris,

    At some point in the podcast you mention how one of the climbers Alex was passing by on the freeblast got a video of him soloing and posted it on the web. Any chance you have a link to it? Thanks man.

  7. That was super awesome to heard the details about! Made me stoked on his behalf! Could have been twice as long with going through all beta!

    Would be cool to hear more about his other projects! Thanks for sharing
    Steven – Tromsø

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