Episode 134: Graham Zimmerman – Both Sides of the Lens.

On Episode 134, I sit down with alpinist and filmmaker, Graham Zimmerman. Graham has found the magic mix of working in the outdoor industry and still getting to go on trip after trip to the high alpine. The secret is working both sides of the lens as a crack mountaineer and a dedicated film auteur. Despite his relatively young age, Graham imparts sage advice on how to get into making outdoor films and how to live, love, and learn in the big mountains, and he’s learned from the best, like recent Enormocast guest, Steve Swenson. And while he is as serious about climbing as an Olde E shortage in Camp 4, Graham can still laugh at our idiotic sport.

Graham’s Website

Above the Fray

Engaging the Curve



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  1. Hi Chris,
    Through this episode and watch his videos, I feel that Graham had many great and impressive videos. He now has many conditions to create more his filming records.
    I hope your blog will develop more in future!

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