Episode 135: Arno Ilgner – Climbing Deep.

On Episode 135 of the Enormocast, I sit down with author and trainer, Arno Ilgner. Arno is probably most famous for his book, The Rock Warrior’s Waybut he is also known for his fearsome routes in the Southeast and beyond. Ilgner found himself at a crossroads 22 years ago and unsatisfied with just climbing and working, and he began a study of mental training that lead him to creating a program for climbers to harness fear, be attentive, climb better, and live more fulfilling lives. Now two decades later, The Warriors Way has become legendary for taking beginners to some of the best climbers around and shaping them into better and more satisfied climbers. Open your mind to one of the deeper convos the Enormocast has encountered in a long while, and let Arno lay some knowledge on you to help keep those shakes at bay.

The Warriors Way Website

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  1. Great content here. It feels like the kind of interview I could listen to again and again and keep learning new things.

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