Episode 16: Kate Rutherford- light, slow, and lucky.

On Episode 16 of the Enormocast, I park the mobile studio in the park in Lander, WY for a conversation with climber and artist Kate Rutherford. Often confused for Laura Ingalls, Kate fills us in on her upbringing in the Alaskan bush. She has lead a charmed life that recently found her on the top of Fitzroy in Patagonia. Art, climbing, and adventure all are part of the elegant package that is Kate Rutherford. (Yeah, I have a crush! What of it!?)


Kate’s Jewelry (Buy some!): suspendedstonedesign.com

WTF with Marc Maron



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8 Responses to Episode 16: Kate Rutherford- light, slow, and lucky.

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  2. AndyG says:

    Ordered a pair of earrings for the wife from Kate after listening to the show. Great workmanship, and rad to support a business that helps someone who has committed to the climbing life keep the dream rolling! Highly recommended!

  3. Dan Love says:

    Great to hear the Podcast! Hope you are doing well in CO.

  4. Troy Miller says:

    Yes…I get excited for Enormocast Day as well. Great episode.

  5. Iain says:

    Great interview – I listened to it while ironing last night… living the dream!

  6. James says:

    Wahoo new enormocast day! Great episode.

    Thanks for the shout out to us vertically challenged climbers in the flatlands! Keep the psyche stream a’ flowin’.

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