Episode 15: Those meddling kids, Steve Denny and Henry Nadell.

One Episode 15, I go in search of my lost youth by sitting down to rap with two young killers who quietly get it done. Everyman road warrior Steve Denny fills us in on how he saved Alex Honnold’s triple wall solo in Yosemite. Henry Nadell wants to do it all NOW, not when he grows up. Don’t hate them because they have all the time in the world.

Captain Kirk takes the big one

Captain Kirk on Mountain Climbing


12 Replies to “Episode 15: Those meddling kids, Steve Denny and Henry Nadell.”

  1. Listening from rainy Rhode Island. The enormocast is getting me through my senior thesis so I can graduate and move out west. Thank you!

  2. Alex Honnold tells the story that Steve tells about the chalk in an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast #319.

  3. I thought the comment on why there aren’t 10 Chris Sharmas was interesting. On one hand as more people get introduced to climbing you would think more of these super strong kids would be at his level. On the other hand if you look at how basketball has become more of an international game since the mid 90’s there aren’t 10 lebrons out there either. Maybe the pool of high end but not superstar climbers has increased? Anyway…..I’m goin to go work on the jumper.Thanks for the podcast.

    1. Thanks for listening. Yeah, I guess my theory really isn’t so prescient. There certainly is more people climbing right near the edge of what’s possible. But the visionaries are still the very special among us. Perhaps that quality is just unteachable and it’s either there or not. Fatalistic? Perhaps, but we all know must of us are just toiling proles and only the few really change the world. We proles are just good at shoring up what is proposed by the actions of the visionaries.

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