The Enormocast Booze Bingo

Bored of hearing about the Trifecta- Indian Creek, The Black Canyon, Rifle– on every fucking Enormocast? Are you like James Lucas and sick and tired of me relentlessly bringing up my glorious ascent of the Freerider on El Cap? Well, that’s nothing a little booze can’t cure. Just gather your friends, a a couple cases of PBR, a bottle of whiskey, and cue up an episode.




Any time you hear “Indian Creek” take a slug of delicious beer.

“Black Canyon” gets you two swigs.

A “Rifle” mention, the weapon or the climbing area, and its time to shotgun one of those barley sodas.

“Free Rider” is a shot. No puking.

And after you loosen up a little, don’t be afraid to make up your own. For example, a reference to anything “back in the day” could be followed by shouting CLIMB! and toasting. Dropping “Sharma” could mean you make-out with the person next to you.

Clue into the overused rhetorical devices. “What’s interesting to me…” could mean you remove a piece of clothing. “Whatever else…” means its body-shot time. And on and on.

Just let your imagination, your growing inebriation, and the relative sexiness and gender of your immediate compadres be your guide.

NOTE: Do not play Enormocast Booze Bingo while driving or operating heavy machinery.

And don’t forget to tie-in BEFORE you start drinking.





9 Replies to “The Enormocast Booze Bingo”

  1. Everytime you hear Chris crack a beer open, everyone has to slam their beers and crack a freshie. last person to crack has a fresh beer to slam.

    1. R,

      That is a limited edition mug. Very rare. Two in existence. They were either excavated from an Anasazi burial site at the base of Six Star Crack in Indian Creek, or Vista Print said “Hey, do you want to also buy these mugs, this mouse pad, or this umbrella with your image on it?” when I ordered my business cards. You decide.

      Just sent some designs to the tshirt guy. I’ll see how that goes and maybe make some shit like mugs and coozies and enormolipbalm if the tshirts move.

  2. Awesome! First drinking game I can relate to since successfully becoming an Cardinal Puff eons ago (but ending with an ill-fated semi-intimate encounter with a tent pole!).

      1. OK, it’s been around 25 years since I did this, so my memory was rusty. But there’s always Google to the rescue:

        In a nutshell, you have to perform a series of somewhat intricate actions at a table for three times in succession. None of them are particularly complicated, but getting the sequence right is crucial or you pitch. If you mess up, you have to start from the beginning all over again (just like old-style trad leading!). There… I even found a way to relate this to climbing! Hilarity and mayhem typically ensue.

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