Episode 24: Brittany Griffith- Mary Anne with a vengeance.

The BAG sending multi-pitch limestone in Sicily. Photo:J Thesenga

On Episode 24, we take a 1 hour cruise to a deserted island in the Green River to meet up with Brittany Anne Griffith- affectionately known to her friends as the BAG. Two parts Mary Anne, one part Ginger, a dash of the professor, and a scosh of Mrs Howell for good measure, Brittany brings a formidable package to the outing. Climber, caterer, athlete, sorority girl, world traveler, entrepreneur, dirtbag, ambassador, and spy are all titles she’s swapped out with ease over the years. Listen while she spins a tail that starts in the cornfields of Iowa and ends on the desert landscapes of Algeria.

Brittany’s Cleanest Line Blog



5 Replies to “Episode 24: Brittany Griffith- Mary Anne with a vengeance.”

  1. Great episode!! Definitely one of my favorites due to the content and the method of recording. Brittany was a great interview.

  2. Chris I loved how natural this podcast sounded some more recorded in this fashion would be great. Keep em’ coming.

  3. Good shit Chris. Really dig the backcountry recording rig. I haven’t recorded anything around a campfire yet, but I have recently drank margs while watching movies around one at Horse Pens 40.

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