Episode 112: Jean-Pierre “Peewee” Ouellet – The Collector.

peewee-collageOn Episode 112, I sit down with crack master Jean-Pierre, AKA Peewee, Ouellet. This one is for the crack nerds- the folks for whom the difference between a ring-lock and a finger-stack can be an all night, booze fueled debate, and JP delivers. We learn about his very specific approach to hard crack “collecting”. JP has repeated hard single pitch crack climbs all over North America, and he’s not stopping soon. He also comes clean on the tricks of the trade, some of which may raise the permanently scowling eyebrows of the crusty tradsters out there. But above all, Jean-Pierre approaches his routes with a certain savoir faire, a je n’est ce qua, a je reviendrai that the rest of us don’t have. Listen and learn, crack aficionados!

JP on No Way Jose.

Alex Honnold on No Way Jose (for comparison).


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  1. Hi Chris

    Another very good one!

    I think that the standard French term for lieback is ‘dulfer’ – one of several climbing techniques named after Hans Dülfer. He, of course, was German – which rather confirms that the French don’t, in fact, have their own term for lieback!

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