Episode 168: Peter Doucette – Guided to the Mountains.

On Episode 168 of the Enormocast, I sit down in North Conway, New Hampshire with guide, father, and climber, Peter Doucette. Peter grew up, learned to climb, and still lives in New Hampshire near North Conway. He cut his teeth guiding in Wyoming, but returned home to start his own show, Mountain Sense, and, well, live free or die. Though Peter is a badass on all mediums, ice-climbing and all its improvisation and decision making is where he excels. But, frankly, he’d be the last to tell you that had I not forced him, because he’s Northeast to the core.

Some Rad Climbing on Mt Bradley

4 Replies to “Episode 168: Peter Doucette – Guided to the Mountains.”

  1. I’ve shot the enormocast of on more than one occasion only because of the piss poor sound quality

    1. Yeah. i almost trashed this one. But I figured I’d honor Peter’s time and get it out. He talked so low, I had his mic jacked, and then it picks up all sorts of bleed from the room, echo, and a lot of my voice which projects a ton. Makes the mix really hard and noise impossible to eliminate.

      Doing these things on the fly in random places like Peter’s gear room can be tough. Anyway, thanks for mostly sticking around.

  2. Is this sound balance way off for anybody else? I can barely hear the guest but Kalous is loud and clear. Haven’t had this issue with the Enormocast before. Thanks for all the free media Chris

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