Enormocast 269: Tyler Karow – Engineering the Stoke

Photos: Imanol Amundarain, Felipe Nordenflycht

On Episode 269 of the Enormocast, I catch up with the elusive and prolific climber, Tyler Karow. Though Tyler has a popular presence on Youtube and Instagram, he still remained, for me, an enigma of sorts. Tyler burst on the national scene with a ground up free ascent of Golden Gate on El Cap (5.13) with Amity Warme – true ground up style being something of a lost Yosemite art. Then he added to his renown with incredible ascents in Patagonia (especially for a relative newb ), the Sierra, and beyond. Tyler has been occasionally supported by climbing companies, but he has avoided any commitment to title sponsors despite his qualifications. Instead, he relies on his Civil Engineering degree and love of building to fund his Rock And Roll Lifestyle.

Tyler and Amity on Golden Gate

Hawaii Relief Fund

5 Replies to “Enormocast 269: Tyler Karow – Engineering the Stoke”

  1. I met Tyler bouldering in the happies in Bishop in Winter 2020. It was his first time bouldering there and it was obvious. He and his buddy were climbing this weird traverse I had never seen anyone do, just climbing around and around for fun. I showed them the crack problem on the rim and Tyler, beyond stoked, was in his element and cruised the thing over and over. Then on a relatively easy problem he ripped the biggest flapper and started bleeding everywhere. He ran off asking folks for tape to tape up the bloody mess. The very next try he ripped open another finger trying to do the same move with his other hand, and ran off to find more tape. It was hilarious. I could tell Tyler, even though he had maimed his fingers and was done climbing for the day, was still stoked to just be out there with his friend and meeting new people. Cool to see his insane progress.

  2. Heck yeah! Huge fan of Tyler’s. Glad to see he made it on the pod. Was only a matter of time!

  3. Questions;
    How are these missions financed? Fred Beckey stock market style?

    What is Tyler’s favorite beer?

    1. Must not have gotten to the end. Tyler worked as a civil engineer and saved his money then lived and travelled as frugally as possible. Then he had a van build business. Now he’s started business to design and build affordable mountain town living.
      Not sure his favorite beer. We were drinking Corona Familiar during the interview.

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