Enormocast 279: David Smart and Royal Robbins – Some Work of Noble Note

Photos of Royal Robbins by the late Tom Frost

On episode 279 of the Enormocast, we have an allt-ime double-header. First, David Smart joins from Toronto to talk about his life as a climber and his new book from The Mountaineers, Royal Robbins: The American Climber. Royal Robbins was one of the most influential climbers of all time, and David’s book is the most comprehensive look the great man’s life in print. David is also a lifer having climbed throughout Canada and beyond for 50 years. Then, tune in to hear Royal Robbins himself from a 2012 interview in Lander, Wyoming during the International Climbers Festival. This long shelved interview gives insight into Royal’s personality and though it occured late in life, the fire is still burning.

Helen Mirren Reads Tennyson’s Ulysses

6 Replies to “Enormocast 279: David Smart and Royal Robbins – Some Work of Noble Note”

  1. This is an insta-classic. Smart’s book offers a perfectly humanistic insight to what an improbably beautiful life one with nary an advantage may live. Speaking of the Golden Age climbers moving on; getting Joe Fitschen on board would be great. He started posting on Mopro recently in a first 5.10 YDS thread which lead me to ordering his book “Going Up”. And yes Chris, I agree, this audio documentation I believe is vitally important…

  2. So glad you played your RR interview.! Thanks for sharing it with us. Also really enjoyed David Smart and Helen Mirren!

    1. Don’t tell Helen or Colbert, but it was so good. I had to use it. And that Poem is a masterpiece and seems to be talking directly about these old climbers.

  3. Loved this episode. Read the RR book as soon as it was available.. Smart did a great job. I met Royal and climbed at Rockcraft for a week in the mid 70’s. Even went to his house. So happy to have had that experience. Climbed ( and drank) with Harding also but that’s a different story.
    Glad you posted the old interview with him. Nicely done even for a newbie., You were quite respectful.

    1. Thanks, John. I ran into Harding one time in Moab, I was just like, “Whoa! That’s Harding!”. And got my Spirit of the Age signed by Royal. You’re stories are better!

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